Handbook Of German Culture

Germany is a country with a long tradition of culture and the most extensive in Europe. Germany boasts Goethe, Schiller in literature, is a center of classical music with many famous musicians, was viewed as the cradle of European culture, German is widely used in Europe, is the language used daily in many countries. On the history and art, Germany exist many monuments, Museum of war, the place is open to the public. Germany is also very strong on sport, especially football. In addition, Germany is also the world famous Bergie dogs.

Reading is a characteristic of Germany, with many around the book fair in Germany, the library always excellent places for people in need of research. Speaking to German literature, people think right to Goethe and Schiller; 2 the writer, the greatest poet of Germany. Modern literature in Germany also strongly developed with many new works. The Germans enjoyed reading so you can easily find places to sell books with many categories everywhere, shops selling old books are also a lot of huge numbers of all categories. The fair, the Book Festival takes place throughout the year in many large cities, it is an attractive place for those who love to read and buy books. The most typical is the Frankfurt Book Festival in October and the annual Leipzig Book Fair Festival in March every year. There are also competitions for young people in many towns, large cities.

As a centre of classical music with many renowned musicians, in Germany the concert or music festivals are always held on a regular basis-both indoors and outdoors.
Germany is very strong in the field of sport with the world’s top team. For football with a 3 times world champion in men’s soccer and Europe. South German football team nicknamed Der Mannschaft is famous for the spirit will of steel. Along with extremely good infrastructure for sports, Germany has twice hosted the World Cup. In Germany, soccer is the most popular sport. The stadium in Germany are always flooded with spectators and very modern. The Olympic Stadium in Berlin is one of the beautiful and modern Stadium for the world. Other sports such as martial arts or skiing and also very developed in Germany.
Germany is famous for an innovative education system, with the world’s leading quality, especially in the areas of engineering, automobile engineering or medicine. Always research and the application of new scientific achievements to teaching. Universities in Germany are always appreciated for quality and there are several schools in the top of the world’s best universities. In Berlin you can find many famous universities and longer with very large scale and many international students.
The following are some of the features of the behavior of German culture:
1. the communication culture of the Germans
In daily life, when the Germans meet, greet people coming back to before or who see other people before then to say hello before, this is considered the typical culture of the Germans. In business, the salute as hierarchical. When the met who knew each other before. Then the lower ranks who introduced those come along, and then have the higher rank introduced his delegation component. Then when all were familiar with each other, then the new handshakes. A short handshake gesture, gently, when shaking hands, then looked at each other.
The Germans are very focused way his rituals, it is the special point in the cultural specificity of the Germans. Those who have academic degree from Dr. over is often referred to by the same name. Such as Dr. Zimmermann, Professor Schmidt. The academic degree is lower than not referred to in the title. The Germans have the habit of calling the full name of the graft, the official title or titles such as Minister, the Mayor also claimed: Mr. Minister … especially with the patrician as Earl, Marquis, you need special attention: Dear Duke, Dear Dr. Earl , Professor Dr. Earl …

2. Behavior of German culture
Usual “Ladies First” only applied in daily life. In business relations, the common practice is highly regarded as subordinate. Today, the men and women who are open to others or help others gown, just nobody from that gesture. The typical culture of the Germans is rank professionalism both in business and behave normally.
When the familiar note emphasize the similarity to create a friendly atmosphere, should not mention the topic of politics or religion. The comment should be positive, should not be criticized or harshly condemned, should not entice or to sunk deeply into the debate on the issue bigger.
3. The party culture of the Germans
The Germans in particular importance now. So not to be considered, you should attend the party right now. If you arrive late, please call to inform and explain the reason. The Germans are also very focused on the ritual. Therefore, after the one-day party you should send a message to thank you for the hospitality of the host. You need to pay attention by this is also a cultural characteristic of the German people.
When on, if the table has not been invited to, you should not sit down at the table. When invited to sit, you have to sit in the right location has been arranged. You also need to pay attention to in using the tools in the meal: hold the left hand fork and the right hand holding the knife and not dine when home yet party invitations. This characteristic culture of the Germans was also reflected in the huge party, home party wait for latest napkin on lap then you follow new so. With dishes like spring rolls or bread, you can use your hands to break out. Try to eat all of the food in your disk. If you want to give the person served is you have to use a fork and knife set meal is done in parallel to the right of the dish. When cheers let toast party owners before.
4. German business culture
German concept that men always come on time. Both the boss, too. 
Solo was the first handed out business cards. If given to a group of people who have been awarded the highest rank first. If don’t know the order of rank of the host then handed out business cards for all, starting from the person next to you. To view a business card before taking off to go was also viewed as a cultural feature of the German people in the business.
Use praise totally redundant, but note not to be too crude. In work as well as in daily life, as to avoid the mentioned specifically on the appearance, dress … in how much praise as well. If you want the best then lauded should only mention their accomplishments, their personality, their collaborative spirit.

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