Features Of The Culture And The Special Festival In Austria

Besides the beauty of the legacy, the Habsburg Palace splendor in Vienna or Salzburg Palace and magnificent, brilliant culture in Austria also has many characteristic attracts tourists discover a land with more of the mystery. Let me learn the distinctive culture and unique festivals in this beautiful country.

1. Cultural 

Culture in Austria has many featured articles brought to visitors exciting things when exploring the culture of the country. With 73.6% of the population according to Catholic and 4.7% of the population is Protestant. About 12% of the population not in the religious community. Culture of Austria is a vast topic in Austria, in all the time are formed many important buildings, including many works that belong to the world cultural heritage of UNESCO. In the 18th and 19th century, Vienna was a leading center of musical life, not have a lot of young musicians and composers such as Wolfgang Amadeur Mozart, Joseph Haydn, Franz Schubert, … but also of the opera house, the theatre and concert House still exists to this day. In the culinary field, Austria also has an extensive tradition, for example the culture of cafés in Vienna or the typical dishes of the country.

– Equal rights of men and women

The culture featured in Austria can be seen in provisions on equal rights of men and women. In almost all sectors, the average wages of women are lower than that of men (exception: State employees). This is due to the presence of an equal rights cannot be implemented fully in practice and on the other hand is because many women work fewer hours than. Thus, almost no woman has the ability to rise up in his career. The majority of leadership positions are held by men. The Government of Austria has lots of incentives for women. If professional qualifications as equivalent to another woman will be preferred options for employment in State bodies-even though the unemployment rate of men is higher. But these measures do not bring high effects in practice. The official number of unemployed in Austria in 2004 including 2/3 men and 1/3 women.

– The background classical music special

Culture in Austria also can be seen in music, music classical music still has importance today in Austrian culture. Austria has many composers are known for. On some of the most famous composers, in addition to others, was the son of the city of Salzburg, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Joseph Haydn, Franz Schubert, Anton Bruckner, Johann Strauß (father), who is considered one of the founders of the Vienna waltz should, and Johann Strauß (son), “waltz King”.

People who love the music of the 20th century is also known to Gustav Mahler, Arnold Schönberg, Alban Berg and Anton von Webern. Followed this tradition from classical music is more famous as the conductor Erich Kleiber, Karl Böhm, Herbert von Karajan, Franz Welser-Möst or Harnoncourt Nikolaus. New Year concert by Wiener Philharmoniker is famous to be transmitted to the 44 countries in the world and so in the morning on January 1, new year came with almost a billion people.

– Austrian literature

On some of the most famous writers of Austria’s Franz Grillparzer, Johann Nestroy, by Joseph Roth, Robert Musil, Karl Kraus, Friedrich Torberg, Felix Mitterer, Thomas Bernhard and Peter Handke. In addition, a female writer Bertha von Suttner received the Nobel Prize in peace, a female writer Elfriede Jelinek was awarded the Nobel Prize in literature in 2004.

– New year customs in Austria

In Austria, new year’s Eve is called the night of Saint Sylvester-Sylvesterabend. In the culture of the people of Austria, the Austrian people often mix the red wine mixed with mint and the road to the Holy sacrifice. The Café and restaurant are decorated with many flowers, green round leaves. Applauding, dancing, shooting paper flowers, champagne, kisses, greetings, Fireworks is the indispensable stuff of Eve. The traditional cuisine of Austria in the new year as pig milk dishes-animals symbolize everything good. There are also regional dishes made from green beans to bridge the following year money is abundant, the health staff is full. According to the custom of Austrian food, lobster and crayfish in the new year because they fear the bad luck, they perched woes in the new year.

– Café culture in Austria

In the capital Vienna of Austria, drink coffee back up games art, a cultural tradition has been recognized by UNESCO as cultural heritage of the world.

Austria is the country known for its unspoiled natural landscape, the sparkling lakes and grasslands canvas of thousands of flowers. All have turned this country becoming the ideal stop for visitors. Vienna, capital of Austria, is considered the capital of the art of architecture with the world famous buildings such as the Royal Palace of Schonbrunn, the Church of St. Stephan, the Austrian Parliament building. Vienna is also considered the capital of music in Europe with the name of the genius as Mozart, Strauss, Beethoven. But will real shortcomings if you skip work to enjoy a cup of coffee in Austria.

To Vienna, find a cafe, called a split and you can do whatever you like. The cafe in Vienna as a public room, where a lot of people come to drink coffee, eat cake and read newspapers. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, many cafes in Vienna was the place to go to the written world of artists and scientists. Many authors have composed in the main of this public Cafe. And they called the literary line that is “coffee culture”. Not know himself ever, coffee is part of the living of the people in Vienna. Coffee for many generations of people here are second homes, where they can communicate even in winter cold spell, where they meet, chat and dropping the little cup of black drops party.

Coffee in Vienna is considered special by the speciality of it. The special coffees in Vienna is “Einspanner”, the coffee is usually in the high glass cups, below is a black coffee, above, has a little extra cream layer fine white sugar powder, sometimes add the small biscuits. Cafe when given for ever also been accompanied by a glass of filtered water with the delicious sweet cakes. The cafe in Vienna have different styles in furniture and decorative arts but are ever so romantic and luxurious looks, from classic table cloth plate, silver spoon to the side of the Cup are placed neatly on the table. Have the coffee but the cramped space but who still love and choose it. By there, they feel the space of the NINETEENTH century. People love to be watch the classic paintings, chandeliers for hundreds of years, even love even the tablecloths have the old part.

The famous Cafe in Vienna there is coffee in the Café Hawelka, Dorotheergasse Griensteindl in city of Michaelerplatz; the Café Frauenhuber is where the genius composer Mozart created the cover tunes immortalized … Perhaps Vienna’s coffee culture is formed from the characteristic attributes of the people on the land there are historic. In the land where the beauty of the harmony between nature, scenery and people, a beauty of the simple yet exquisite, the quiet that dynamic, the ancient modern that makes people love coffee ever.

2. The Special Festival

– Dance Festival-Life Ball

Unique festivals in Austria took place in Vienna, is an event called for support for the funds because people infected with AIDS. Travel Austria, visitors should join this traditional festival, you will have the opportunity to meet the world famous names, they wear the gorgeous costumes and extremely picky.

– Christmas Festival

Travel Austria, visitors will be immersed in the Christmas festival with shimmering colors of lights are fanciful, colorful decor. Additionally, when visitors come to the attractions of Austria on the occasion of the Festival also eyes admire the sparkling white snowflakes and enjoy the carnival atmosphere around the place.

– Night of Krampus Festival

This is a Festival in Austria is taking place in Vienna, is considered a star in opposition to Santa Claus. The men will disguised demons Krampus ugly, awful, long hair goats head bolt running around town to pursue the fight. Krampus Night was held on 5 December every year, where a lot of people as demons and Krampus “wandering” on the street.

Above are the typical common culture and the special Festival in Austria you should learn before you set foot in this beautiful Country. Travel Austria, visitors not only explore the destinations in Austria, but also learn about the culture, the traditional Festival special. So don’t hesitate any more, you let yourself explore the culture and special Festival in Austria when Austria travel, make sure you will not regret your decision. 

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