Experience And Travel Berlin – Germany

Experience And Travel Berlin – Germany
Berlin-the ideal destination for Germany, one of the greatest cities in Europe, is the value for the dream of every traveler adherents around the world. Berlin is not just impress visitors by the unique landscapes, the palatial Castle, a magnificent, imposing structures of the same culinary diversity that this capital city also left difficult to fade you by the respectable historical as well as the treasures of cultural heritage of humanity.

Transport in Berlin.
Is a large city, the transport system in Berlin is very developed, you will have many more choices in the use of traffic here.
– Bus: bus network in this extensive coverage, it is the public media are the most popular by travelers when traveling. It connects with many tourist spots in the city that cost is also very reasonable.
– Tram: tram system in Berlin is quite developed, this means moving quickly, at reasonable cost, convenient …
– Taxi: than 2 public media on the media has somewhat expensive. However, talking about quality as well as service will more than many, moving fast, safe, convenient, …

Hotels should be in when traveling to Berlin?

Hotels in Berlin system quite rich and diverse, there are many hotels from cheap to luxury to your choice. Depending on your travel expenses to have the choice of suitable hotels. 
Here are a couple of cheap hotels that we designed, you can reference more.
1.  Novum Winters Hotel Berlin-Im Spiegelturm.
• Address: 5. Freiheit str, Spandau, Berlin, Germany.
The hotel is just 10 km from the city centre, visitors will more easily in reach are interesting things of the city of Berlin and discover the many fascinating attractions as Ghost Thuu Pagode, Altstadt Spandau, St. Nikolai.
The quality of the hotel which guests will enjoy when stay here as a flat-screen television, wireless internet, non-smoking rooms, a fireplace and some other devices.
2. Novum Winters Hotel Berlin-Mitte-Am Gendarmenmarkt.
• Address: Charlottenstrasse 66, Mitte, Berlin, Germany.
With its convenient location, guests easy access to the city’s vibrant beauty at every corner, and the famous sights of the city such as Thomas Schulte Gallery, New Zealand Embassy, border crossing of Berlin, checkpoint Charly.
In addition the hotel facilities are also appreciated, besides the hotel offer you many exciting play activities to you always felt elation throughout the holiday.
3. The MEININGER Hotel Berlin Airport.
• Address: 1 Alexander Meissner-Street, Berlin-Schonefeld Airport, Berlin, Germany.
The hotel is just 2.2 km from the airport, convenient for moving as well as visit while traveling. In addition the hotel is also close to the attractions of the city such as Hedwigshohe Krankenhaus, Schönefeld airport, Denkmal der Spanienkämpfer.
When choosing the hotel as a place to stay, you will enjoy great features like free wifi in all rooms, 24-hour front desk, luggage storage facilities, public wifi.
4. Lux 11 Berlin Mitte.
• Address: Rosa-Luxemburg-str. 9-13, Mitte, Berlin, Germany.
This modern hotel is located in the immediate vicinity of the famous attractions of the city such as Type Hype Store & Milchbar, Brownie and Blondie, Gerhard Thieme Monument.
The hotel is very attentive to the fully equipped facilities to feel at ease and convenience.
5. The Weinmeister Hotel.
• Address: Weinmeisterstrasse 2, Mitte, Berlin, Germany.
Located in convenient location guests easily reach the main attractions of the city like Absynth Depot, Firlefanz puppet theatre, the Anne Frank Center building.
Attractive facilities that hotel guests, such as flat-screen tv, non smoking rooms, air conditioning, fireplace …
The dish should try when traveling to Berlin.
Berlin Germany’s capital is one of the destinations in Europe always intrigued visitors not only with many unique natural landscape that is also culinary very attractive, rich and abundant.
With a history of volatility, the cuisine in Berlin there’s always something to do. Below are the certain dishes you must try when travel Berlin.
1. Wiener schnitzel.
Wiener schnitzel is one of the popular dishes in Berlin, when tourists come to Berlin were consulted using traditional cutlets meat dishes of the inhabitants of this place. Not only is the food delicious, that attractions for local people which is great.
Or in other words Wiener schnitzel dish is prepared with veal fried boneless, enjoy the delicious potato salad together. Visitors can enjoy this dish at most restaurants in Berlin.
2. Donuts in Berlin.
Donuts in Berlin is one of the famous street food in Berlin, not only that this dish is also very popular, at each place where the cake was known with the name private. In Berlin, this dish is called pfannkuchen, other cities of this dish is called Berliner. Even in Canada and Portugal also have this dish, Canadians call it is Bismarck, the Portuguese called it the Bolas de Berlim, Israel or the Sufganiyah.
Hear much come on feel popular mode of this dish, right? Although the popular but this dish quite cheap, easy to find in the culinary route, curb in Berlin.
3. Doner kebap.
Doner kebap in Berlin will not make you feel frustrated, it will bring whole new strange experience with strong grilled meat, fragrant nose tingle.
Doner kebap or also known as bread dish unforgettable barbecue in Berlin. The inside consists of grilled meat, vegetables and sauce, the crust of bread outside the fragrant, a perfect combination.
4. Meat and Beer.
Meatball dish is quite attractive streets in Berlin, people often laced it with fried dough, fried in oil until golden in color. When eaten it is often eaten it with 1 egg and bread, many people prefer to eat with mustard sauce.
Berliner Weiße a special drink of the inhabitants of Berlin, it is a light beer, slightly sour, often used for blending with fruit flavours to create a delicious refreshing drink. When enjoying the unique dishes in Berlin don’t forget calling for add 1 glass of Berliner Weiße to enjoy.
5. Sauerbraten.
Sauerbraten also known is a famous traditional dishes of the Germans. It’s like a family reunion dishes, enjoy this dish when the Germans usually think about his beloved home.
Now it was quite popular, Diners can enjoy this fascinating sour barbecue in any restaurant in Berlin. From raw materials to processing way this dish be made very elaborately, to spice infiltration into the meat pieces, it takes up to several days.
The places to visit when traveling to Berlin?

To Berlin visitors will be visiting many of the unique ancient constructions, the magnificence of the Castle, the landscape as well as the historic ruins remaining. Not only is the capital of Germany, Berlin a lavish splendor.
Here’s the sights that make up an old Berlin and enjoy a great trip.
1. The Berlin City Center-Bode Museum.
Kreuzberg is the central area of the city of Berlin, which contain the spirits of people in Berlin and the German people in General. Here visitors will admire the beauty and richness of diversity include the old Bookstore, the European-style cafes of the years 90, the kind of street art, …
Highlights in the center of Berlin is the Bode Museum, located in a small house in the area, which displays many of the familiar tools of daily life from the image, the color, the contents of the contemporary era.
2. The Reichstag Government building.
The Reichstag Government building known as the finest Germany, visitors are allowed to check-in, as well as taking souvenir pictures when visiting this building. The Reichstag Government building is the meeting place of the important ministries of Germany, deserve a certain tourist spots to visit when traveling to Berlin.
3. The Gendarmenmarkt.
Gendarmenmarkt is situated right in the city center of Berlin, is one of the attraction walk here, the highlight is the large square, a unique cultural space in classic Oriental style.
In particular, around the square there are many famous fashion stores, bookstores. You can just walk away just visiting shops, chosen for its unique items.
4. The Brandenburg Gate.
The Brandenburg Gate was built in 1791, is not only a cultural icon of the country that is also known as witness great history of the divided country, and many anecdotes of Berlin and the German people in General.
The Brandenburg Gate style of ancient Western architecture, meticulously decorated portal, refined is a tourist without visitors would like to ignore.
5. The Berliner Fernsehturm.
Berliner Fernsehturm television tower is the highest of Berlin, with a height of up to 360km, from where you can admire the panorama of the city from on high, with a total diameter of up to 42km. Is located right in the city centre, this is a great destination if you want panoramic views of Berlin.
Special feature of this restaurant is the main tower high above the Telecafe 200 m above the ground, just enjoy the delicious food has just been admiring the sky of Berlin what more excellent, and every 30 minutes is the restaurant revolves once again.
6. Memorial to the Holocaust.
The Holocaust Memorial is a place commemorated the six million Jewish victims slaughtered in the incinerator of Europe. We at to where you only see the statues or sculptures told through the stories of the war. Only the survivors feel the profound experience about the fierce war.
The Holocaust Memorial is located near the city centre of Berlin, right next to the Bradenburg gate.
7. The Church of Berlin.
The Church was built from the early years of the 19th century, Oriental style architecture of Western Europe, with visitors arriving here always relentlessly, surprised by the creativity of people in Germany at the time.
Over the years, the Church remains the splendid beauty, sophistication and many decorative lines refined, featured with curved arch or on the green sky.
What shopping when I travel to Berlin?
Travel to Berlin where only interest, important new dining, almost any trip is also associated with shopping, so the new trip is considered complete. Below is the popular souvenir in Berlin.
1. Specialty.
If you missed being in Berlin culinary charm then why not buy the specialty here at the end of the trip? Not only that you can buy as gifts for family, friends …
Berlin beer special is one of those drinks are bought as tourists after the trip. You can buy it in the shops, supermarket.
2. Souvenirs.
In the popular tourist destination, people often create handcrafted souvenirs, sold in shops, streets, it was viewed as a cultural tourist. Of course in Berlin, you will find this image very much, don’t be afraid to choose for yourself a few favorite products.
The souvenir is usually cost quite cheap so will fit your pocketbook.
3. Fashion.
Owner of the famous commercial center, not difficult to choose some suitable gift. In addition, you can visit the traditional markets, or street markets to jewelry stores cheap products.
Hopefully with the experience above will help you prepare yourself for a trip to Berlin to save and enjoyable. Have a fun trip and many memories.

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