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Austria has a geographical position in Central Europe. The North borders with Germany and the Czech Republic; the eastern borders with Slovakia and Hungary. To the South it borders with the two countries are Slovenia and Italy, the western borders with Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Coming to this country, you have the opportunity to admire the countless ancient heritage from the time of the Roman Empire. Mother nature and given the multitude of beautiful scenery for Austria. Here, you will be overwhelmed before the mountains, peaceful Green River just immense Majesty, just gentle, smooth. 

The move means while traveling in Austria.


The media moved to Austria.
The plane is the most convenient transit, save time, simple back procedure, be very many visitors choose to do transportation in Austria. There are many airlines that fly to Austria as Vietnam Airlines, Eva Air, Qtatar Airways, China Airlines, Cathay Pacific… to the Vienna International Airport.
In addition the Airport Graz, Linz, Klagenfurt, Salzburg and Innsbruck also welcomes international flights to Austria, but typically priced air tickets to this would be cheaper than flying to Vienna. Airport Letisko in Slovakia which is only 60 km from Vienna.
Transport in Austria.
The public transportation system in Austria developed very high, there are many means of moving fast, convenient and saves time in Austria was more travelers use as:
– Train:  in Austria more extensive railway operations and support for each other, in which Osterreiche Bundesbahn railway system is the largest in Austria. This means the operation is very timely and regularly use this media, you will not worry about being late, waiting, …
– Bicycle: Travel by bicycle will be interesting to experience enchantment, in Austria there are separate lanes for bikes, you can rent bicycles in major cities or enquire hotels, motels where you stay.
– Bus: If you want to move between tourist spots in the city, then this would be the appropriate choice. The bus is quite good, often parked at the train station. In Austria, the bus operation at least on Saturday and the rest on Sunday.
Hotels recommended in while traveling in Austria?
Hotels in Austria widely distributed in major cities, where the attractive sights. Let the trip becomes more comfortable with some of the following hotels:
1. The Steigenberger Hotel Herrenhof.
• Address: Gröbenweg 19 10, 1. Innere Stadt, 1010 Vienna, Austria.
The hotel is located in the heart of Vienna, close to many tourist spots in the city, just a few steps away is you have come to the Royal Palace, Hofburg, the Kohlmarkt luxury shopping street and St. Stephen’s Cathedral, the Graben, …
The hotel offers many services comfortable facilities such as a spa, fitness center, sauna, … The rooms are clean, spacious space, offer free wifi.
2. Grand Hotel Wien.
• Address: Karntner Ring 9, 1. Innere Stadt, 1010 Vienna, Austria.
The hotel is just a National Opera House and the famous Karntner StraBe shopping street only 3 minute walk, … Grand Hotel Wien with 2 specialty restaurants, 2 bars, and a health care center.
The rooms are luxuriously furnished, to leave a good impression in the hearts of travelers, the elegant rooms, furnished with amenities, and. .. Special hotel is also known for many health care services.
3. Park Hyatt Vienna.
• Address: Am Hof 2, 1. Innere Stadt, 1010 Vienna, Austria.
Park Hyatt Vienna classical architecture style, but no less classy and elegant. Each of the rooms are equipped with air conditioning, modern equipment with typical Viennese décor, flat-screen television, hairdryer, toiletries, …
A number of famous attractions close to the hotel such as the square and the Church of Saint Stephen, Karntner StraBe shopping neighborhood and… Also near the hotel also focused many bars and cafes.
4. Hotel Konig von Ungarn.
• Address: SchulerstraBe 10, 01. Innere Stadt, 1010 Vienna, Austria.
Hotel Konig von Ungarn is one of the oldest hotels in Vienna, located in the city centre. Should be very convenient for the visitors when traveling, visiting many attractions.
Each room will bring 1 style, modern furniture, staff enthusiasm, attentive. Giving visitors the comfort, facilities.
5.  Le Meridien Vienna.
• Address: Robert-Stolz-Platz 1, 01. Innere Stadt, 1010 Vienna, Austria.
The hotel provides many free services for leisure guests at hotels such as the spa, pool, fitness center, minibar, rooms for massage, Turkish bath, sauna, …
The hotel also has a restaurant serving international dishes and creative, youthful style with bar, to help you have a great day, an amazing trip.
The famous delights in Austria.
Not just immerse yourself in the beautiful natural scenery, many visitors said they were fascinated by the background of the Austrian cuisine.
1. Soup.
This is considered specialty, is a popular dish of the people here, people use the daily soup and it became a bright spot in the Austrian cuisine. This dish using ingredients such as carrots, turnips, golden beets, leeks. All make up the taste of delicious natural sweet water, people eaten broth with liver dumplings, Bacon dumplings, pancakes and eggs, and… create a delicious taste of the dish.
2. Cream Spreads.
Is a gourmet loaves of bread in Austria, the dish is not just pleasing taste that even the sight also voyeuristic. This cake is made quite provincially, people eat bread with chopped Bacon, mostly fever and fat, beets, cheese, … and many other delicious spices. This dish is very popular in Austria and a lot of visitors.
3. Homemade Tafelspitz.
Can say Tafelspitz is one of the most delicious dishes in Austria that you should enjoy. This dish is made from beef is key, they use the lean beef, then boil, processing along with carrots, leeks and beets make up a strange poisonous food.
4. Sugar-laced algae Cakes.
This dish is mild in Austria, also used as cakes for dessert. May seem simple but this cake very elaborately prepared from the dough stars for tender until the selection of the same aromatic vanilla sauce spices greasy.
This dish is not too sweet, rather than the stick, taste fragrant cake. Drink 1 cup of hot tea and enjoy a piece of Apple Pie, laced with anything.
5. The Sachertorte chocolate cake.
Sachertorte is the bread of own brand Sacher. In Austria, on 5 November chosen annually to celebrate and called on cake Sachertorte.
Sachertorte chocolate cake consists of two layers of cake made from chocolate torte the same molten butter, eggs, and some other additives. The special thing in this bakery is a special layer of apricot jam in 2 cake layer is made according to the traditional recipe of the Sacher secret.
6. Topfenkolatschen.
Is a type of small squares of Cheesecake made from danish or pastries, people use the caster sugar, raisins, egg yolks and corn starch to prepare this cake.
You can buy Topfenkolatschen in most of the bakeries in Austria or patisseries, please enjoy this cake with 1 cup of hot tea.

The famous attractions of Austria.
Austria is a country with rich history, many beautiful places, rich in tradition, Austrian tourism only suitable in summer to see the old village, or admire the majestic beauty. When travelling you need to plan the perfect way to visit many tourist destinations in Austria.
1. Melk Abbey.
Is one of the world’s famous monastery, Melk Abbey was built on the cliff overlooking the sea, are soothing. Ago Melk Abbey is the castle of Leopold II, then it was given to the monks and retain its current appearance.
Not only attracted by the unique Baroque architecture, music and art in the flourishing period of the freedom that the monastery is also known as destination very sacred.
2. The Vienna State Opera.
This is considered the most famous Theater of all time, where it staged the Opera, the Ballet is famous in the history of the world with two classic and modern versions, the Orchestra of the theater also was recognized as one of the world’s leading orchestras.
With monumental architecture, built in the classic style, using the modern interior, this place deserves the name of “the most famous Theater of all time”.
3. Royal palaces Hofburg.
The Palace is located in Vienna, was the residence of the President of Austria. During 1583-1612 and 1438-1806, it was the residence of the Kings and emperors of the Holy Roman Empire, in 1918, then owned by the Emperor of Austria.
4. Hallstatt.
Hallstatt was dubbed the jewel of Northern Austria. Here you’ll find the peaceful atmosphere, the poetic, the Hallstatt is located on Lake Hallstatt, became great leg.
If to Hallstatt you should rock climbing, hiking, boating, exploring the caves in Hallstatt and the surrounding areas.
5. Seefeld, Tyrol.
Be cross-country skiing centre, the terrain here is very suitable for the beginner or the professional skating. Seefeld lies on a natural protected area, it is not only a great place to participate in skiing but also very interesting with the hiking trip.
Here there are many high-end luxury resorts, it will be a great stop for visitors.
6. The Hohensalzburg Castle.
This is one of the largest medieval castles and best preserved in Europe. The Castle sits on Festungsberg mountain, is one of the top tourist destinations in Austria. Salzburg Castle is equipped powerful fortress Tower is impressive accents between the immense green space.
7. Schonbrunn.
The Palace consists of 1,441 rooms, was built from the year 1696 until 1712 at the request of Emperor Leopold I and became the Emperor’s Summer Palace of Maria Theresa. There are many tourist attractions in Schonbrunn as Privy garden, the world’s oldest Zoo, magical maze, …
What do gift shopping while traveling in Austria?
Visitors to Austria’s beautiful, not just watch the majestic landscape, or the melodic Opera music, visitors are also very interested in the issue of what to do buy presents after the Austria trip to relatives and friends. 
1. Coffee.
This is a be a lot of visitors following a tour in Austria, flavored coffee in this particularly delicious and attractive, if you are a coffee lover then this gift is not to be missed.
2. Porcelain and glassware.
You will see the meticulous artisans when viewed through this stuff. You can find them in the souvenir shop, so don’t ignore some of the products are made of glass and porcelain in Austria as the average, plates, cups, bowls, and… make presents for everyone.
3. Food and beverage.
The gifts, local specialities will be the appropriate gift for a later trip. You can buy wine, cake and candy, Mozart Sacher Demel and famous Chocolate as a gift when traveling.
Or pumpkin seed oil, smoked meats, … the same is the famous food in Austria.
On this I have put out a few little experience about traveling the country beautiful Coat. Hope it will help you in the Austria trip. Are looking forward to receiving more of your contribution.

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