12 Things You Must Do When Traveling To Seoul – South Korea In Winter

Those who want to experience the feeling of fun in the winter then ignore the 12 things here when traveling to Seoul for the first time.
Winter in South Korea rather harsh with average temperatures from -10° C to -5 degrees centigrade By so, will not be surprised when most people avoid traveling to Korea from December to February. Here are 12 things you must do when traveling to Seoul in the winter.

1. Skiing at Seoul Plaza
Skiing is one of those jobs cannot be ignored in the winter especially for visitors from the warm water. In particular, if you travel during the Christmas time, you will be intrigued by the brilliant lights decorate the sides of the road to create a feeling of warmth. 
There are a few outdoor skiing Stadium in Seoul as: Grand Hyatt in Itaewon and Olympic Park in Songpa-gu, but Seoul Plaza is still considered the best skiing spots with the cheapest prices and the easiest path. Guests pay only 1000 won per person for an hour including shoe rental skiing. If you need an extra pair of gloves you must pay an additional 500 won and you can hire more cabinets have tags to store the furniture with the same price. 
Helpful tips: If you go skating in Seoul Plaza the first day will be borrowed free skates. Here a small skating area for children and those who learn to skate first. Helmets for kids can borrow for free or pay if needed. 
Transport: road to Seoul Plaza: take the subway to City Hall station (Seoul Subway line no. lanes 1, 2), exit No. 5. 
Opening times: open daily. From Monday to Thursday: 10 am-10pm. From Friday to Sunday: open from 10 am-11 pm. Open all holidays. 

2. Visiting the Bukchon area by cyclo ride
Famous in Bukchon area is Bukchon Hanok Village. You can walk to discover the village or cyclo ride tour. Spring and summer attracted quite a tourist here, winter visitors come here for less than you will easily feel the quiet space of the village. Blanket or warming the pockets are provided for visitors during the cruise. 
Cyclo driver here spoke English quite fluently, and they will take you go through every corner or the mystery of Buckchon, you can enjoy the traditional ancient houses, shops and cafes. Guests will have the exciting experience of 1 hour 30 minutes journey of discovery.
A trip to explore the area of Bukchon, you pay 45000 won (with 60 minutes) and 60000 won (with 90 minutes). You can choose a guide in English or Chinese but a charge quite high. There are also many tour by cyclo around Seoul which you can join. 
The move means:
• Take the subway down to Gyeongbokgung station (lane 3), exit No. 5, go straight for about 700 m.
• Train Anguk points down (three lanes), out door number 1, 750 m straight away. 
Opening times: Monday to Sunday: from 10 am-10 pm (depending on weather conditions). Closed on the following holidays: from 21/12 to 31/1.

3. The Grevin Wax Museum 
The Grevin wax museum displays wax statues of famous people. For first-time visitors to this will not avoid the feeling of fear with the wax statue is designed as the real thing. 
The cost for the trip to the Museum with the price of 23,000 won for adults, 18,000 won for students (from age 13 to age 18), 15,000 won for children (from 3 years old to 12 years old) and 15,000 won for the elderly (over 65 years), children under 3 years old are free of admission.
Transportation: take the Metro down to City Hall station (lanes 1, 2), through the door of 6. Go straight for about 5 minutes. Or to point Euljiro (lane 2), exit number 1 and go straight for about 3 minutes.
Opening times: open daily from 10 am-6pm. 

4. Buy wool hat and gloves in the Insadong 
Insadong is famous for the tradition in Korea. Special guests coming to buy winter items with cheap good quality again. With 5,000 won you can buy yourself a pair of gloves pierced toes to keep hands warm in the winter. 
To get to the subway you go down Insadong stations Anguk (lane 3) and out the door number 6. 

5. Attend concerts at the Hologram K-Live
If you are not a fan of K-pop, the hologram mini concert held at K-live in the 9th floor and 10th floor building Lotte Fitln will bring to visitors the experience most senses. In particular, you can enjoy a drink in the Cafe downstairs. 
You will probably have to relentlessly amazed with the images three-dimensional impression in concert. The images and the powerful dances such as burning spectators. Ticket prices for concerts is 33,000 won for adults and 22,000 won to children. 
Location is in the 9th floor and 10th floor building Lotte Fitln. You take the subway down to the cultural Park station and Dongdaemun history (number of lanes 2, 4 and 5), out of 11 and 12.
Opening time: from 2 pm-10 pm except on Monday. 

6. See N Seoul Tower in the evening
Admire the N Seoul Tower in the day really great, however it really attractive tourists by the spectacular beauty of the evening. 
You should walk into the sunset Tower, can walk to the surrounding area, you can even put a lock of love along with special messages then you can admire the beautiful sunset views or city-wide setting. 
Migration media:
You can choose from short bus number 2 go Namsan. Some point to the nearest bus station: Chungmuro (subway Lane # 3, 4), exit No.2 (front is the Daehan cinema) or Dongguk University (Seoul subway Lane), out door number 6 (The time from 7am-12pm)
Ride the cable car down to Myeong-dong station (Seoul Subway lane # 4), exit No. 3, walk about 15 minutes under the right side of the hotel Pacific. Location up the train you can see (time: from 10 am-11pm)

7. Shooting at the MBC World
MBC is one of South Korea’s major television station offers guests 3 location can take a picture. Guests can try is tv news experience, try to experience a day to attend the event, anniversary or jump in K-pop. 
To get the exciting experience at MBC World, you pay 18000 won for adults, teens (from 14 years to 18 years), 9,000 won for children (from 3 years old to 13 years old).
Media moves: Down the Digital Media City station (high speed ship lanes), out the door of 9. Time: 9am – 6pm. 

8. Visit rose garden LED lights in the Dongdaemun Design Plaza
With more than 20,000 pink flowers with LED lights bring to light space in the Dongdaemun Design Plaza, turn this place as a paradise. Whether you go with relatives, friends or even go it alone, then this beautiful romantic space will bring you satisfaction. In the rose garden at the promenade you can add a cup of hot chocolate heated body when sightseeing. 

9. Enjoy fried chicken and beer at Hongdae

Fried chicken and beer are popular dishes in the Korean television drama. After enjoying a full traditional dinner with Korean ginseng chicken, visitors can experience eating in Hongdae. With night lights and street music, enjoy a performance chimaek (spicy fried chicken and beer) is a perfect experience at night for you. 
Media moves: Down Hongik University Station (subway Lane 2, Gyeongui-jungang), out the door of 9. 

10. Warm the body by the extreme spicy street food
Walk and enjoy the spicy hot dishes on the streets of Seoul in the winter is an exciting experience not to be missed for tourists. Here, you can not miss the feast tteokbokki (spicy rice cakes), Odeng, Gamja Hotdogs. 

11. Eat ice cream in winter 
Eat ice cream in winter is not a crazy idea that this is an enjoyable experience for many people. You will feel the term is is the body warmer than when it started eating ice cream. Try and experience this exciting feeling. 

12. Eat cake choco pie
Choco pie is popular in pies all the snacks. Small cake covered with two layers with marshmallow in the middle and the outside coated by layers of chocolate. With the cheap price and convenience, enjoy this cake can help you dispel the hungry during the winter when not find yourself a diner. This super delicious cake more appealing than when accompanied with a cup of coffee. 
If you are planning to travel to South Korea in the coming occasion then could not miss the chance to experience exciting things above. 

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