The Traditional Festival, Special For Russia

The Traditional Festival, Special For Russia
If one has once set foot in beautiful Russia then certainly will not forget the beauty of the Kremlin Palace Moscow, Ostankino Tower, red square or the Church of Saint Isaac with unique architecture, beautifully poetic scenes. However, this country is also intrigued travelers by the traditional cultural festival with the incredibly exciting activities.

1. Winter farewell Festival
Winter farewell Festival is gloriously festive and fun for Russia. Children and adults together have fun singing, eating the delicious traditional dishes, playing the traditional game full of elation created a vibrant atmosphere throughout all generations. 
Previously, the winter’s own practices in Russia, after a winter of ice and snow, covering the medium-price field, not cultivation, farmers are just looking forward to the winter fast to be able to continue the field work in the spring. Special Festival in Russia to winter practices are usually held in large space so more people can attend, the majority of the cultural repertoire are “leaf House tree Garden” but basically, the winter years practices are always opened with the image of the boys wearing traditional clothes spiffy torch burning straw mannequins. Russian travel experience, this is one of the few most attractive festivals attract huge amounts of Russian visitors participating in the Festival. 
In winter festival, there is a type of cake that you can see in every space of the Festival is the pancakes, pancakes are made from various materials by the farmers who make up such as: butter, flour, …

2. Ivan Kupala Festival winter
This is also one of the special Festival in Russia takes place in winter but differ from other festivals, Ivan Kupala Winter Festival is held right in the home. At present the Russians still held special Festival in Russia. Porridge is a traditional dish of Ivan Kupala Festival winter. However, this porridge is presentation and a very special meal. Before eating, it was put on the table have been available roll sheet covering straw towels up. Porridge is made with barley, mix in honey. First, one must bring the ancestral cult, then new to family members and a guest; Next up, is to balance a little to bring out in the yard for frost.

3. Ivan Kupala Festival summer
This is a big Festival is famous in Russia for the girl’s lover, they belted search by wreath love by your own, then drop down the river right in the night Festival. In this festival, there’s always a very special repertoire is jumping through fire, only the most violent new people join this repertoire. He recounted that, on the night of the Festival, if the pair would love that search on forests will be witnessed many things mystical.

4. Shepherd Festival
Shepherd Festival is one of the characteristic Festival in Russia has from time immemorial, the Festival takes place in the spring. After days of winter, the snow began to melt, grassy steppe, flashes. The sheep locked in cages to graze fresh not during winter, is now putting up the steppe, breathe in the fresh air, eat the grass. The Shepherd to the family to take the care and management of the lambs. Therefore, the Festival Organization to Shepherd their farewell to the mountains. In ceremonies in Russia we jump the ethnic dance, dragon dance, invited each other sheep cheese tasting, aromatic sheep’s milk drinking, eating pastries. After the night’s normal working days of the Shepherd.

5. The Festival of Cossacks
The Festival is a Festival of Cossacks in Russia to celebrate the culture of Cossacks, from horseback riding, fencing to traditional music and cuisine. Cossacks are also culture be revived, especially among young people. To Kotelnikovo, heart of Volgograd-southern Russia, home of the Festival of Cossacks. Festival took place for the first time brought hundreds of people to come together in a special demonstration space for cultural, culinary’s Cossacks.

6. Maslyanitsa Celebration
This is the Festival of the Russian vegetarian, vegetarian Festival, before the Russians will held the week of pancakes. Week of pancakes are also known as the crazy week, everything will be upside down, people will wear a mask, monstrous man dressed by women and vice versa, … A giant straw will be burned during the Festival to symbolize the Russian winter greetings. The Festival also features many tasty dishes, especially have a lot of alcohol.

7. Easter
As well as the other European countries, Russia welcome Easter with fairly large scale and very much bustling activity. According to tradition, the ritual on this day the priest will lead the light candles around the grip the Church to anoint along many different activities. Almost the work place are intended to represent the image, the legend of Jesus. In the morning, when dawn came also the rite performed the ceremony at the end. After the end of the ceremony, the people back home together. Everyone will end weeks of fasting with hearty feast of Easter season with these attractive dishes. 
Easter in Russia usually have very special sweet bread, circles (also known with other names is the Easter cake). Eggs of many colors also appear in Easter, gifts, invite each other to eat Easter eggs with wanting good things for will come to people who are invited. 

8. The tape with the art sculptures
Russian winter is at the many recreational activities including ice Festival is the most anticipated Festival attracts large number of tourists come to tour Russia to join. You will see the Sculpture Festival on ice with the ice art work of the sculptor. Ice works normally showing the tremendous scale of the buildings as well as engraved illustrations for a few portraits of famous Russian leader. You can also manually do the sculpture for his own, will be very happy and exciting, an unforgettable experience on this beautiful country.

In addition to the festivals in Russia, the visitors can also enjoy many other festivals are also equally unique. The Festival throughout the year so any time you can also arrange trips to the festival season properly. Now, instead of sitting home imagine, why don’t you at least once in a lifetime into the atmosphere of the Festival in Russia. Sure you will not regret his decision.

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