The Famous Tourist Destination In Russia Should Not Miss

The Famous Tourist Destination In Russia Should Not Miss

Russia is one of the countries in the West culture was whole human admiration and pride.
Russia is a country with the largest area in the world, spread over the whole territory of Russia has a myriad of attractions, venues and travel features but not where.
Russia is also one of the countries with a lot of attractive, interesting places, a famous trading center in the world. It also reunited much of the fashion brand reputation. Russian culture over many centuries to date still be quite a lot of sightseeing attractions. When given the opportunity to travel in Russia you cannot ignore these tourist attractions such as the world famous red square, the Bolshoi, the Winter Palace, the Kremlin … Please join us to find out the article below to discover the most attractive tourist destination in Russia should not miss.

1. Kremlin Palace
The Kremlin Palace also known as the Kremlin. The Palace was constructed in 1475. Mentioning the country Russia cannot not mentioning one of the famous tourist destination in Russia such as the Kremlin Palace. Palace of the Kremlin in Russia quickly became the icon symbolizes Russia travel photos. The Kremlin Palace is located right in the Centre, on the banks of the Moscow river, on the left of the Hill Borovitskii. 
The old days of the Palace where the King of Russia used to run the Court. Today the Palace is also used for political purposes. The senior Agency and Russia’s leading all have offices here. The Kremlin was the historic fortress that overlooks the red square in Moscow, including the Kremlin Palace, the Church of the Kremlin and the Kremlin towers. Every day, the Kremlin is open to welcoming domestic and foreign tourists to travel to Russia.

2. The Saint Basils Cathedral – Russia
Saint Basil’s Cathedral is considered one of the Russian tourist destination attracting large numbers of international tourists to visit. When you travel to Russia to visit the Saint Basils Cathedral, visitors will be attracted by the special architecture of the Church. Designed like the shape of a flame, this architecture was to later restoration. However, no monuments in the world like St. Basil’s Cathedral.

3. Red Square
The red square is the Russian made tourist spots where people always take pride in. The Russians over when Unessco has officially recognized the cultural and historical values of the red square. The red square is located quite conveniently located right on the central square of the capital of Russia. Built in the late 15th century until now red square has undergone many memorable events in the history of Russia and the world. 
Red square through several name changes and then have the new official name is the red square. Around the square there are also quite a lot of what works with the myths mean. Russian tourist experience of travellers to the beautiful Russian country then it is one of the top destination worth dreaming when you set foot in Russia. 

4. The Hermitage
Art Gallery of Hermitage is the largest Museum of Russia and the world’s third-largest, after that of the Louvre (France) and the Vatican (Italy). Founded in 1764, Ermitage exhibited 3 million artifacts, including the works of art through the ages and the artifacts of ancient cultures. The collections occupy a large space of six historic buildings, including the Winter Palace, the residence of the Emperor of Russia.

5. The Winter Palace
Russia’s famous Winter Palace. This is one of the typical buildings in the country. The Winter Palace was constructed from 1753, to date, through the ups and downs of history, the basic architecture of the Palace still intact. 
The Winter Palace comprises more than 700 rooms are sumptuously decorated, built with granite material imported from Italy, Finland. The Palace historical masterpiece built on effort of more than 2,300 workers plying during 9 years. There are seem so monumental, the Winter Palace had to mobilize the force as well as a lot of money. Today, the Winter Palace is one of the sights that attract millions of tourists to visit and learn about the culture and history of this place.
6. The Pushkin Museum
Pushkin Museum is the National Museum of fine arts of the country Russia. Pushkin Museum was built from the early years of the 19th century. So far the Museum has undergone many different development stages. Pushkin Museum is a famous tourist destination in Russia, where the art exhibit high sustainability attracts large numbers of visitors. The Museum also honor is kept pretty much the famous works of famous artists of the world and of Russia. The Museum not only kept the famous paintings which besides are also pretty much the statue sculpture has a high cultural and historical value. Every year, the Pushkin Museum has quite many exhibitions are held. In addition, the Museum also serves for the training Department of the art for the enthusiast. Pushkin Museum is open you all the days of the week.
7. The Church of Saint Isaac
The Church of Saint Isaac has a rather special position, the Church is located right on the Neva line. Church of St. Isaac’s architecture is a Museum of architecture-the art of the famous Saint Petersburg. The Church is ranked 4 in the world in comparison with the other churches. From the foot of the church up to the top of the tower to 101m detection. As well as the architecture main widgets inside the Church of Saint Isaac’s Cathedral that was viewed as an architectural Museum and a large painting of mankind attracts Russian tourists visit learn. Inside the church there are up to 3000 paintings are made by the player. The paintings were from the small rock fragments together. It is the work of the period. In the overall architecture of the Church, the dome of the Church was made of pure gold. Estimate there are about 100 kg of gold.

8. The Nurulla mosque
Nurulla mosque contribute to list these works be Unessco certified as the world’s heritage. Nurulla mosque architecture represents a private architecture of Islamic leaders. Overview of this architecture consists of several different parts: the tombs, castles, barracks, … all pieces are compliant with the common characteristic of Islamic architecture. Nurulla Mosque is where devout people often look up to. Every year at the Church always celebrated the feasts of Islam attracts large number of devotees in the Scouts as well as tourists from around the world on tour. 

9. Suzdal
Which is a Principality in Russia, Suzdal is the jewel of Russia “Golden Ring,” many people believe that this city has been preserved as a living museum of Russian culture’s past. Visitors traveling to Russia like to learn about the history of architecture in this country then this is an ideal location for your trip. The dome of the Palace, the Church and the monastery will be found in Suzdal. The city has a history from the year 1024, the entire city is like a large Museum, where time seems to stop.

10. The Ostankino Tower
Ostankino Tower is an architectural works in the world, attracting numerous visitors to the tourist attractions. Ostankino Tower is 540m video level. The architecture of the tower is pointed as a needle up sky high. It is not just the antenna mast of the Russian national television station that it is also a symbol of Russia. From the top of the tower can see the panorama of the country Russia. The Ostankino Tower design was the architect Nikolai Nikitin. In 1959, the Ostankino Tower was built. One has to choose the good materials and high-strength to build the tower. The work has a total weight of 30 thousand tons. Right on the torso of the Tower has a restaurant operation. It’s the restaurant seven floors in height 400 m of the towers. It is interesting to just be enjoying the dishes just can see all things in games.

11. Lake Baikal
A lot of visitors on the Trans-Siberian railway has planned a stop at the famous tourist destination in Russia. Lake Baikal is the deepest and oldest Lake on Earth. Lake Baikal contains about 20% of the world’s fresh water. Located in Siberia, Lake dating back 25 million years old, surrounded by mountains. Known as the Pearl of Siberia, Lake Baikal is a resort, a popular tourist destination in Russia.

12. The island of Kizhi
The island of Kizhi is the address known to the large open-air museum is incredible. Karelians area inhabited since the 13th century, where between Eastern and Western culture. The Museum of the Church is a famous work by 22 the dome and a collection of rich stock. The other points included dozens of wooden houses, windmills, churches and warehouses. The folk culture is manifested through the craft.

13. The Valley of Geysers
Located on the Kamchatka peninsula in the Russian Far East, the Valley of Geysers is considered the second largest in the world. The Valley of Geysers is discovered in 1941 by a local scientist Tatyana Ustinova. Since then it has become an attractive Russian tourists to Kamchatka’s most popular and attracted a lot of interest from scientists.

14. Mount Elbrus
Elbrus in the Caucasus Mountains, is located in southern Russia. 5,642 m (18,510 ft) high, Elbrus is also once hosted the high-level Conference, which is attracting the experienced climbers and tourists travel to your favorite Russian discovery and adventure. The Summit is formed from a volcano, now no longer works lava eruptions. Cable systems can take visitors up a height of 3,800 m (12,500 ft), create favorable conditions for the mountaineers.

With the information shared about the famous Russian tourist on here, we hope you will have some suggestions about the famous tourist destination in Russia to start a Russian trip exciting and full of meaning.

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