If Given The Opportunity To Travel To Belgium Then Here Are 12 Attractive Places That You Have To Come.

If Given The Opportunity To Travel To Belgium Then Here Are 12 Attractive Places That You Have To Come.

While relatively small, is a country in Western Europe, but Belgium back ownership history, rich culture and traditions, where Emperor Napoleon the battle of Waterloo to the legendary underwent in May affected by World War I & II. Don’t just stop at the discovery highlights there, visitors also have the opportunity to experience the exciting colorful skies, the unforgettable tourist destination in just three or four hours by train. This beautiful country is also the place that makes the whole world “crush” just because the Belgian waffles and sweet fragrance.

1. The Bell Tower in Bruges
The most recognizable image in Belgium is a beautiful bell tower dominates the main square in Bruges. Dating from the middle ages, this impressive building has been the main hall is the role of the town and has been preserved to allow visitors to experience the power of medieval architecture. 
For most visitors to Belgium, the most interesting thing and can not miss is probably step up 366 steps winding and quite narrow inside the Bell Tower to admire from on high. Once up to the Summit, you’ll see the panoramic view of the country Belgium. If your health doesn’t allow, you can choose yourself a quiet corner at the foot of the tower that still lingers is the unique image of one of the most monumental works of Belgium.

2. Church of St. Bavo 
This splendid church with Gothic choir and the Roman catacombs is typical definition for religious architecture in Belgium and is the most popular tourist attractions of the city of Ghent.

Is a towering work, with harmonious colors glass window, it also owns the famous works of art; namely the Flemish masterpiece known as The Altar of Ghent. As soon as you admire the painting, go deep into the catacombs under the Church of giant, which has important tombs and some beautiful wall paintings.

3. Battlefield Flanders

For many visitors, the Belgian’s role on the front line of World War I, especially the battlefield of Flanders around the battle of Ypres is the main reason for a journey here. Not only important in history, this battle was a major pilgrimage site. 
The trenches preserved stretches few kilometers around the town of Ypres, and the area is also scattered with vast cemetery for thousands of soldiers who died here. Tyne Cot Cemetery (uk) and the war cemetery in Langemark (Germany) are all the reminders for generations about the brutal war took place here during World War I.

4. the Gravensteen Castle
This impressive fortress was the center of power of the count of Flanders, who was inspired to build this castle from the mighty Crusaders castles in Syria. To this day, the Gravensteen is one of the most amazing example of a fortress Europe are surrounded by trenches and walls towering and certainly emerged from the water of the river right in the middle of the old town of Lieve Ghent, even rise above the rooftops of the surrounding streets. Inside is a large vaulted halls and galleries of medieval life. Almost all visitors to visit are climbing up the stairs on the terrace for panoramic views of this beautiful town.

5. Holy Blood Basilica 

If you only have the chance to visit a mosque in Belgium, the Holy Blood was the first choice. The Basilica of Holy Blood not only impressed by the beauty merges between the Roman style of architecture and Gothic architecture but also by the sacred relics are kept inside. 
The chapel above is where the vial drops the blood of Jesus Christ has been sent back to Belgium after the second crusade. Part of interior architecture of the Church is the very magnificent gilded masterpiece was completed in the 16th century, not out of making tourists overwhelmed by the beauty of this ancient and monumental.

6. The Valley of the Meuse

The Valley of the Meuse is located in the South of the country, Belgium, is one of the best destinations to see beauty stretch life spill on the peaceful green countryside of Belgium. Here is the perfect opportunity to take a scenic trip spanning the river; dense forests, interspersed with the commune is surrounded by limestone cliffs. 
In particular, the towns of Namur and Dinant acts as a gateway to the region, which has a variety of mountaineering routes and cycling for guests who like to have some more activity on their vacation. Both the town boast the party stronghold on the crags as well as historical sights.

7. Big Grand Place square 
Located right in the city centre of Antwerp, the historic Grand Place square (also known as the Grote Markt), carrying the most typical architectural guilds with a unique Bell Tower. Inside the square is the City Hall, considered one of the works of the 16th century are preserved and kept, best interior designs here really is worth to admire with the paintings represent the history of the town of Antwerp. 
Besides, the buildings surrounding the square society Ward is also one of the major attractions to attract tourists to visit the Grote Markt.

8. The Castle of Bouillon
The castle of Bouillon is situated on a hill overlooking the city of Bouillon. It is said to be dating back to the Romans, although mentioned for the first time in the late 10th century. One of the original owners sold the castle to have financial resources involved in the Crusades.
The Castle has three bridges, dungeons and torture rooms that visitors will see when they climb from the top down. Bouillon is considered one of the most beautiful castles in Belgium when there’s a unique defense system, designed to protect solid stronghold against invaders. 

9. The Basilica of St. Peter, Leuven

The Basilica of St. Peter is located in the center of Leuven on the main square of the city or the Grote Markt. Characteristic Gothic style Windows with pointed arches of Brabant and the large pillars, this place deserves the pride of the people of Belgium. 
Art lovers will find yourself about favorite space just inside the mosque. With the chorus as well as the prayer area is the museum dedicated to religious art with the Flemish paintings illustrate biblical scenes are hung up.

10. Ancient town of Mechelen 

Not as famous as the monuments in the old city of Bruges but the town of Mechelen is a great place to get the feel of living on the land with medieval Belgian countless gable roof architecture and old buildings are operating quite well.
The Central Grote Markt borders a number of special buildings include the Town Hall and Lakenhall, while the impressive church of Sint-Rombouts tower with its tall clock back the knob right behind. Away from the main square, a walk through the Center will also reveal a lot about architecture typical guilds that history fans will definitely want to see.

11. Canals of Bruges

Often referred to as the “Venice of the North”, the system of canals in Bruges offer the most romantic emotions flow for passengers shifang or the pair of lovers. In medieval times, the river of Erie has become a network of canals to allow the traders brought their products to the market in the central market Halls Water. And today, this Canal zone back obviously become a choice of travel cannot be ignored, as you have just been sailing on the waters cool and just watch the ancient buildings on the banks of the Canal. 
Canals of Bruges, where white swans swimming delight, the colorful ancient roof in under the Canal, and is also home to the vibrant coastal Bush adornment for heaven made them crazy that any Bruges goes under the water flow endlessly … retaining visitors,

12. The Valley of the Semois

The lush scenery in the Valley of the Semois will be the “dose” perfect for visitors after days wandering and search on the history of the city and commune of Belgium. Here, in the southeast of the country, the Semois river cut through dense forests and hills is primarily a hiking paths. 
Many visitors have opted for a boat trip on the river and panoramic area to see here beautiful nature to like. And especially when spring comes, the Wildflower bloom racing cotton for ever more sprawling contribution for both the Valley of the Semois, creating unforgettable picture for those who set foot on the soil of Belgium step.
Above are the tourist places in Belgium, annually attracts many tourists to visit. We expect that already offer more for you the useful information, which can reference and choose for themselves a reasonable base. Beautiful country and this peaceful always await your visit, be prepared baggage and health to be an interesting journey.

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