Explore Red Square – Russian Pride

Explore Red Square – Russian Pride

If Moscow is the heart of Russia, the red square is the center of Moscow and of all Russia. Because from this square the main street of Moscow radiate out in the direction to become the major highway outside the capital. 
Red square is a place has undergone several memorable historical events in Russia and the world. It is also the focus of many myths, associated with the history of the great Russia, annually attract thousands of weekly visitors.

Introduction overview of the Red Square
The red square is the most famous square in Moscow. From the red square, Moscow’s main streets radiate out directions, and leading to the main highway outside the city. Therefore, the red square is considered the center of Moscow and of all Russia.
The square has a length of about 695m and about 130m, around is the legendary works of the famous Moscow.
In 1991, UNESCO put the red square on the World Heritage list.

The origin and name of the red square
Red square was built at the end of the 15th century.
Previously, at the red square area is the wooden constructions, known simply as Pozhar, or called “fire areas”. In 1493, Grand Duke Ivan III decreed the removal process is to avoid the fire.
The new area generates chain gradually into the commercial activities of Libya, should be called the Torgovaya, meaning the square trade.
After that, it was used for many different public rituals. The square gradually built and then became the site of the official ceremony of all the Russian authorities.
The name red square do not originate from red bricks surround it or from the contact between the colour red and communism. It is derived from the name in Russian krasnaya (meaning “red” or “beautiful”). Saint Basil’s Cathedral, near which are very beautiful, so people called the square next to it is a beautiful square. “Red square” is the official name used from the 19th century to the present day.

The legendary works around red square 
The famous red square with many great works around that went into the history of Russian architecture.

The only sculpture monument on red square is the bronze statue of Kuzma Minin and Dmitry Pozharsky, who has put Libya out of the invasion of Poland during the disturbances. Next to that is the area of a circular stone platform Lobnoye mesto-about 13 m, where the public rituals. There is also the fountain on the red square.

Lenin’s mausoleum in red square every year attracts a lot of visitors all over the place to visit. Body of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin was placed in a coffin made of Crystal. The Lenin mausoleum, starting in 1924, after six years of new construction completed with large scale, simple lines, the colours red-black comedy constitutes a very distinct wearing shades.

On the West side of the red square is the Kremlin-the most prominent works, the most magnificent. Built from the century XIV-XVII. Kremlin is a historical fortress overlooks the red square in Moscow, including the Kremlin Palace, the Church of the Kremlin, and the Kremlin wall with Kremlin towers. In the Kremlin has a steeple, forecourt has a high copper Bell 6,14 m, weighs more than 200 tons, also known as “the King of bells”. Next is a cannon, weighing 40 tons of 890m in diameter, known as “the cannon King”. Not only is the work of the Supreme authority in the Russian administration, the Kremlin also is one of the historical-architectural art of this country proud.
In the East the red square is the GUM department store and Kazan Cathedral was restored.
In the North the red square is a Museum of Russian history, with the shape similar to the Kremlin towers. 
In the South the red square is the Church of St. Basil as an architectural blocks many vibrant colors with the bulbous Spire, towers on the Summit there is a cross of the cross built by red bricks. To celebrate winning the Mongols in 1522, “Ivan the terrible” – the first Tsar of Russia ordered the architect Postnik Yakovlev built a magnificent Church on the site of the old Trinity Church. In the year of 1555, the work must take 11 years to complete. Located near the Palace of the Kremlin, Saint Basil’s Cathedral as the splendid Castle in the fairy tales. The Church with this unique architecture is one of the most fascinating wonders of Russia.
Red square – historical witnesses

The red square is also the site of many historic events, from the coronation of Russian Tsar to the official ceremony, public of all Russian authorities later. It took two warriors approval especially in world history. The first is approval infantry in 1941, when the city of Moscow was the German army surrounded. The Soviet army and the volunteer soldiers of the water goes straight from red square to the front, the start of the great patriotic war of the people of Russia. The second review is the ceremony parade in 1945, when the flag of the army of Nazi Germany were thrown at the foot of Lenin’s mausoleum.
The red square is the place where many witnessed the transformation of Russia, have influenced the development of the whole world. Today, this square is an interesting tourist destination that attracts thousands of people from around the world. With the new buildings, the old combination created for the square beauty modern sublime, magnificent.
The red square will be the heart, the soul of this beautiful country.

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