The Games Feel Strong That You Enjoy In Singapore That You Should Try

The Games Feel Strong That You Enjoy In Singapore That You Should Try

Singapore has a small area for South-East Asia, are considered “Asian dragons,” the country’s economic development and tourism. Lion island nation owns several thousand baht bustling shopping goods, services diversified entertainment, traffic convenient, neat and clean roads … Especially, the location is situated between the busiest cargo hub, Singapore is the ideal destination for visitors.
Next to the dining area, the busiest shopping and sightseeing brought modernity and impact on local culture, go to the schedule to explore and experience the different sections you add Singapore and memorable by the exciting activities here. Be adventurous and try themselves in the maximum limit of courage by the games strong feeling that you never thought of. Let me name the point adventure games in singapore you should try once to help the trip more fun and memorable than the part.
1. Skyline Luge Sentosa
• Those who love thrills, surely cannot ignore the Sentosa Luge games, games with sliding car Luge was first introduced in Southeast Asia. This is the car 3 Wheeler, not motivated, you just sit up car and truck drivers with high speed steep plunge 650 m over Jungle Trail toward Siloso beach. Games with a strong sense of making players nervous feeling of excitement, fun. Moreover, with the long sliding distance 668m along the beautiful natural setting of either side of the road and the sparkling night lights to create fanciful pieces for the game. Surely the Sentosa Luge adventure game in Singapore will leave you very much impressive hard to fade.
• Opening hours: 10:00 am to 9:30pm.
• Address: Sentosa Imbiah Lookout 45 Siloso Beach Walk Singapore 099003
• Entrance fees: Luge & Skyride Packages.
– Luge & Skyride: 15 SGD per person.
– Three weekly Luge & Skyride: 25 SGD per person.
– Year weekly & Luge Skyrides: 33 SGD per person.
• Family Packages:
– 4 family ticket: 35 SGD.
– 8 family ticket: 55 SGD.
– 10 family tickets: 62 SGD.
* Family Packages apply to families with children under the age of 16.
• Only take Skyride:
One-way: 10 SGD per person.
Two-dimensional: 15 SGD per person.
No limit: 17 SGD per person.

2. Ultimate Drive
• If you have ever dreamt of getting hit speeds on the official F1 race, then that dream had just come true. Ultimate Drive for you the opportunity to control the Ferrari F430 Spider F1 or Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder on Singapore’s formula 1 race.
• Choose from three routes: Street Circuit Tour for 15 minutes, Street to Freeway Tour in half an hour, or the Ultimate Tour in an hour. Let the car glide away gently in a completely automatic mode, or set the gearbox in sport mode the F1-style to create even more challenges. You want to double the pleasure? Join the other driver a team. Each person onto a car and start a double race turbo acceleration. To experience driving a who position, sit in the Chair for the passengers and for the experienced professional show you the capabilities of these vehicles.
• With the symbolic point from Marina Bay Sands and the Singapore Flyer, you can choose the location you want to experience your supercar. Each car is equipped with two HD cameras to record your driving round – a perfect memories so you can reminisce the sense of excitement that has ever spent.
• Opening hours: daily 9 am-10 pm 
• Website:
• Entrance Fees:
• Street Circuit Tour
15 minutes drive on the famous F1 racing 
Self drive: $248, manned: 20% Reduction
• Street To Freeway Tour 
30 minutes ‘ drive away on the F1 race and ECP expressway 
Self drive: $398, manned: 20% Reduction
• Ultimate Tour
60 minutes drive on the F1 race and ECP freeway 
Self drive: $648, manned: 20% Reduction 
10% discount on the ticket price if bought from two over, all prices are subject to GST (goods and Services Tax).
• Address:
Marina Bay Sands, 1 Bayfront Avenue # 01-03 Hotel Tower 3-VIP (Next to the SkyPark Elevators) Singapore 018971
• Tel: (65) 6688 7997
Singapore Flyer, 30 Raffles Avenue # 01-06D
Singapore Flyer (Taxi drop-off Area) Singapore 039803
Tel: (65) 6333 0817
3. Singapore iFly
• Those seeking thrills, this is your chance to experience Skydiving disciplines without having to fear risks. Don’t worry about bad weather. Do not need the aircraft. Experience from the minute you set foot to the area are identical to the design.
• Highest 17.22 metres (equivalent to five floors) and diameter of 5.02 meters wide, iFly Singapore’s model of parachuting in the first House has the largest vertical pipes in the world.
• Anyone, from the novice to the expert skydiving seniority, from 7-106 years old can participate. Modern technical design ensure high safety levels and the size of the wind pipe (about 5 m high and about 2 m) to allow all diverse movement: fly freely and even flying. And with the wind pipe wall acrylic glass only 5,5 m, you spoiled enjoy stunning views of the Sea and Siloso beach.
• A team of eleven guides have certificates that are always ready to help you take off, including: three experienced guides are trained according to international standards, to six trained guides and supervisors Guide to from one of five international organizations. All the guides are trained strictly according to the regulations and rules of the International Association (International Bodyflight Association).
• Only one-fifth the price of a guided parachute attached, you will be instructed, provided equipment, parachuting and skydiving experience. The more important thing is that you will enjoy unforgettable moments!
• Opening hours: 9 am-10 pm (Monday, Tuesday & Thursday-Sunday)
First flight: bright 10h30 
The final flight: 10 pm
10h30 am – 10 pm (Tuesday)
First flight: 12.00 noon, 
The final flight: 10 pm
• Website:
• Entrance Fees:
– $89/adult
– $79/children (under 12 years), $285/family (2 adults, 2 children)
• Address:
43 Siloso Beach Walk iFly Singapore, Singapore 099010
• Phone: (65) 6571 0000

4. The G-MAX Reverse Bungee
• If you are await an adventure game, with high speed, the G-MAX Reverse Bungee will be the ideal game for you. The game is not for the faint-hearted, by participating in the game you will experience the same G-MAX Reverse Bungy with a speed of 200 km/h with a height of 60 m, feeling full of fun to the unforgettable. However, when taking adventure games G-MAX Reverse Bungee Singapore you need to comply with the regulations as well as to follow strictly the instructions of the game to help ensure absolute safety for herself and especially not drinking beer, wine, before joining the game.
• Opening hours: 2 pm to the end of the night.
• Address: Clarke Quay 3E River Valley Road, Singapore, 179024.
• Entrance fees:
– The G-MAX Reverse Bungy Jump: $49/person
– MAX-Combo (G-MAX & G-5): $60
5. The Flying Trapeze
• One more adventure games, strong feeling in Singapore you can not miss it is the Flying Trapeze. With this game you will get the feeling like Superman, flying on the air with the confused foreign item that not can not. If you are new to join the game, there will be a group of artists to do the form of movements, acrobatic steps for you to follow, and will guide you how to seat belt insurance to help you secure an absolute way.
– However, because high-adventure game recommended for small children under age 4, pregnant women and individuals with a history of illness will not be involved.
• Opening hours:
– Weekdays: Monday to Friday: 2 pm –  6h30 pm.
– On public holidays and Saturdays, Sunday: 2h30 pm-7 pm.
• Address: Siloso Beach Walk, Sentosa Siloso, number 10 Singapore 098970.
• Ticket price:
– $10: 1 weekly
– $20: 3 weekly
With some adventure games, strong feeling in Singapore that you share on here, just imagined has found interesting. Expect that the adventure game that will help you get the strong feeling experience so wonderful.

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