The Experience When Travelling In Belgium

The Experience When Travelling In Belgium
Belgium is one of the indispensable in any tour of European tourists. Is beer and chocolate, with education being a very high rating, Belgium always leave visitors in Europe with warmth and intimacy.
Located in the heart of Western Europe, Belgium borders France in the Southwest, it borders Luxembourg in the South-East, it borders Germany to the East and bordering the Netherlands to the North. Belgium uses 3 main language is Dutch; French and German. The country has a highly developed economy, ranked 15 in the world of trade and is one of the countries that have so many significant achievements in science and technology, arts, sports, …
2000 chocolate shop owner with the world famous brand; dedicated time in November to organize the Festival of chocolate; each year produce 172,000 tons of chocolate for consumers and exporters-Belgium truth “United Kingdom the world’s sweetest” and promises to be exciting leg of the visitors in the travel itinerary to explore Europe.
Travel to Europe and visit beautiful Belgium, you should learn some experience to his trip more fulfilling parts.

1. The appropriate time to travel to Belgium

Belgium is a country that has a temperate climate, the climate in Belgium are relatively pleasant average temperature lower, usually from about 1° C in the winter and about 23 degrees C in summer. Winter in Belgium, which lasted from December to February, spring from March to May, summer from June to August and the fall from September to November.
The best time to go to Belgium was mid to late spring and around April to May. The summer is also very suitable for tourists visiting Belgium, if not you can choose to fall from about September to October to Belgium this time, Belgium is also not too hot, there is a little rain and bring a very own beauty.
Belgium is member of Schengen, so if you’ve got the Schengen visa do not need to apply for a visa to Belgium when to travel the country.
2. The media come and gone back in Belgium
Travel Belgium today also quite easy, you can put airfare go Belgium through regular airline flight to the city of Brussels of Belgium as Turkish Airlines, Qatar Airways, Thai Airways, Aeroflot, … If traveling United Online, visitors can come to Belgium by train from Belgium’s neighboring countries such as Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Germany and other countries even in Europe such as France, England, Switzerland.
About transport in Belgium, as well as many other European countries, Belgium has always makes every guests peace of mind about the move going back quite convenient and easy. The public transport system in Belgium is rather technical, investment costs are cheap and most secure is bus. After the bus, public transportation is appreciated is the train. Convenience, move quickly, accurately, safely and affordably so the train is often the preferred choice for travelling of passengers, between the cities of Belgium. In addition taxis and bicycles are also used to serve the commuting, but almost primarily focused in the short routes or sightseeing in the city.
3. What are the tourist attractions in Belgium
Tourism in Belgium will definitely make you surprised, by this country not only has many beautiful landscapes do love pleasing people, which also owns quite a lot of world heritage has very powerful attractions.
Divided according to the three main areas including Flanders in the North is Dutch-speaking area and contains the famous cities such as the city of Antwerp, Ghent, Bruges, … If Antwerp is renowned as Europe’s largest sea port; the city of diamonds; fashion and art, Bruges was dubbed the Venice of the North; ancient and seductive, then Ghent as the harmonious synthesis of both Antwepr and Bruges for just owning the cozy retro-filled serenity reflected from the ancient architectural art works; just mix the playful excitement because of the many large festivals are regularly held.
In the South of Belgium’s Wallonia-French-speaking area and a small part used in German. This place is the town of Dinant in association with Adolphe Sax invented the saxophone celebrated tree, idyllic natural landscape along side the river Meuse, as the venue to organize adventure sports like trekking, boating, and other winter sports are challenging.
Compared to Flanders and Wallonia, Brussels-capital region is critical of Belgium, the headquarters of the EU and the use of bilingual French-Dutch and composed. Viewed as the multicultural city of Europe, Brussels is not only famous as the capital of Europe-gathering thousands of organizations and international corporations, but also as the city of the wonders and the world’s heritage, sufficient to conquer any traveller.

4. Hotels in Belgium
Hotels in Belgium, not too many, but almost all are very high quality and international standards both in terms of infrastructure, equipment, service and style. Especially in the Brussels capital focus quite many leading brands in the service stay with high class hotels such as the Marriott Hotel, the Renaissance Brussels Hotel, Novotel Brussels Offf Grand Place Hotel,…
In Bruges, top hotels including as Hotel Ter Brughe, Hotel ‘t Zand 15 or Martin’s Relais Hotel. In the city of Antwerp has remarkable hotels such as the Hilton Antwerp Hotel Old Town Hotel, Hotel Crowne Plaza Antwerp, … and in Ghent also gathered many famous brands such as Ghent Marriot Hotel, Novotel Ghent Centrum Hotel, Best Western Hotel Chamade, …
5. Shopping in Belgium
Belgium not only to leave the strong impression where tourists visiting the ancient landscapes, shops in Belgium is also one of the activities bring more unforgettable experience during a sightseeing cruise of any traveller.
To the Brussels-capital region, for the fashion buffs will go along the voyeuristic Rue Antoine Dansaert Straat is considered the fashion centre of Brussels, the lively Avenue Louise or in association with the famous fashion brands such as Chanel, Hermes, Vuitton, Gianni Versace, Christian Dior, … With those mesmerizing antiques, then Brussels is the place to be with countless treasures are showcased at the fair as well as a number of roads in the city.
If Brussels is famous for fashion items and antiques, the Antwerp Diamond is again the focal point attracting visitors by the sparkle from the manipulated popular gemstones in the world. Considered the world’s diamond capital, Antwerp will be the indispensable base of any visitors in the shopping trip in Belgium.
It comes to the stores in Belgium which do not mention the famous Belgian chocolate bars and the Belgian lace strips, very delicate in the world of sewing material, will certainly be a flawed no offset. Belgian chocolate brands such as Callebaut, Cote d’Or, Neuhaus, Leonidas, Godiva, … are widely sold in stores chocolate throughout Belgium. About lace items, Belgium with lace and lace craft are manufactured according to the lines. In cities such as Brussels, Bruges and Ghent are always shop offers very refined craft lace, are quite many visitors opt for a visit to Belgium.
6. The Belgian cuisine
Belgian cuisine is famous for not spending in Europe, which also left a deep impression in the village of world cuisine, with delicious flavors of waffles, sweet taste of chocolate and passion of over 500 beers, including what kind of beer is the most delicious in the world.
Belgian cuisine as well as the culture of this country is very rich and diverse. Visitors to Belgium can discover culinary paradise here with a variety of flavors, from traditional taste of Belgium at the famous Belgian restaurant, or the dish at the French restaurant, fast food in the United States, British cuisine, taste the wine taste, taste of the cuisine of Germany or Austria, typical of the cuisine of Spain or Italy, spicy Thai, the sophistication of the cuisine of Japanese cherry blossom coming from distant Asia.
Tourism in Belgium it’s interesting isn’t it? Expect that with the Belgian travel experience that we share on this will help Belgian travel safe, convenient and more perfect. If you have any questions about how to travel to Belgium or stay, eat, shop where when the Belgian travel then please leave a comment below, we’ll have the answers soon for you.

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