The Customs and cuisine of Italy

The Customs and cuisine of Italy

About etiquette
– Family
The Italian people have a tightly bound relationship with family and where their families live. Unlike other Western countries (especially the US), the real estate market in Italy is not the vibrant place because here the majority of the families seek to preserve heritage of his father to leave. For them, the sale of a House is not merely a transaction which was the farewell to the memories of a place many generations have been living.
The family of the Italian people can be understood as a sacred concept, a “cosa sacra”. But the Italians do not uphold the concept of marriage and the family romance as we often see on Hollywood movies. A pretty interesting thing is that while the world to Italy is the place to witness the romantic love story of Romeo and Juliet (by a brother-William Shakespear), then in fact the Italians toward marriage is not entirely because of love. For them, marriage is a commitment, a real contract. A man chooses a woman about my wife because she proved to afford and fit in with his family.
Parents love their children and often expresses his feelings anywhere. Even the kids also get strange feelings of adults if they are cute. In Italian families, children are equal, they are allowed to express their opinions and to be treated so well. Italian kids seems very comfortable with her parents, and when the Sage were great, they always admit is more like a parent with a pride. The parents put a lot of hope to the children, and they are willing to sacrifice all that not a statement. They don’t want to force or encourage their children to learn things such as music, painting, … from small. According to them, they will study at suitable if we love and should not go squeezing them before they are ready.
The parents wish their children to reach what they don’t have, it’s easy to lead to reciprocal kids fall into the damaged external social Vice. They like to organize the party demand, expensive birthday or important dates in the life of the child or in the holidays. If conditions allow, they will invite many visitors to attend to the child be spoiled for a gift.

– Etiquette “Tarasios” when the bride gets married

The Romans have a voracious, practiced bride to be married, people are fun to coral “Tarasios”. When married, the bride was not arbitrarily step over the threshold of the House that her husband must have another person taken, and her hair must be equalized out by punching.
Legend after Romulus Roman building, most of the men in the city, where the foreign State does not agree to take their daughters to this place should he decide to use deception. 
That day, the Romans celebrating sacrifice and fight, the bustling Roman extremely, a lot of people were attracted here. As soon as the ceremony took place at the happy excitement for Romulus, incidentally, stood up, take off your shirt in his cell, the Roman youth to be prepared immediately before the draw, call out, steal the women is the Sabin, causing the Sabin and foreign panic fled.While the Raiders won, some lowly position to Rob a girl beautiful face was as fresh as flowers, mouth, those high status see the play so jealous, says that girls must belong to young boys-Tarasios fame and excellence. This speech was approved immediately, so they walked to the name coral Tarasios to denote reverence. After the marriage, Tarasios live very happy, therefore, Tarasios became the slogan the Romans need call. But there are also people who say, that slogan is for the bride, the implied meaning of “weaving”, aimed at encouraging the industriousness of the bride.
After the event occurs, the sexual Kiss Romulus Sabin and the Roman war. But Sabin women were familiar with her husband, so the most important moment in the war resolution, a bizarre spectacle in the history of the war occurred. Woman Sabin Roman usurp defied danger, running straight up the field as the haunted, the loose hair, people hugged, looked at the pile of bodies on the field weeping furniture bar called the husband, father, runs through run again before the two armies.
This move prompted the spectacle for the military on both sides can not take kindly, and is active in the retreat. Women are not afraid swordsmen, stand between frontline advice, begging the Romans don’t split the couple, dear father. And the war ended. The Romans and the Sabin is Tatios together dominate the town. After Tatios death, Rumulus dominate the town alone, until he was taken to Heaven by the Mars.
– Wedding in Italy
In the churches, on there weddings will hang the strips of colorful large ruban. This is the only notice the tradition in Italy.
Also in the traditional Italian wedding, newlywed couples when stepping out of the Church and go to the square of the town often toss the paper flowers and rice. Paper flower symbolize money and a good future so that as many paper flowers sprinkled the new married couple as having many good things. After the ceremony at the Church the bride groom to celebrate the wedding.
In the wedding, wedding cakes often have multiple floors with two small statues above represent the bride and groom. The face of the two statues to the guests to attend the wedding.
An indispensable thing in the Italian wedding tradition is when a male would then stand up with wine glass in hand call “happy newlywed couples”. Immediately everyone clapping and hundreds of congratulations was flush. And when the ceremony seems to reduce the air then someone back to stand up and call “happy newlywed couples and the crowd will respond with applause and congratulations. Then when a person in any of the wedding (usually male) standing up to say “Kiss away, we’d like to see you kiss”. Then the Bride Groom slowly stood up and kissed each other.
The wedding in Italy usually takes place very boisterous, and the guests pointed out about when they felt unable to go home, and need someone to take them home. The bride and groom go to each guest’s welcome desk and then gently discreetly leave the party to go on our honeymoon and never even opened a gift package. They found relatives of the Bride Groom happily accept it and continue to the wedding.
– Costumes
Often the costumes in Italy tend to be for both men and women, both at work and in social situations. Please try selecting the dress so they are just beautiful with style.
The commonly used color in the dress is bold, dark brown. The brighter colors are often used for personal items.
Jeans and sports shoes on the road is the map can relax okay (especially for youth), although this outfit for the gymnastics and the beach. This will not be accepted in the context of the work.
Italian culinary culture
Not only famous for the scenery, age-old culture with works of architecture, works of art, the country also has many dishes of Italy, the world famous drink.

The most famous dishes of Italy is Italian bread with more than 400 different categories. There are many types of different sauces and things that make other Italian noodles noodles elsewhere. Every kind of sauce, cream, tomato, cheese, meat or fish all have the formula associated with the pastas. Pizza is also a very popular dish in Italian cuisine. Most of the great cuisines of Italy all have common characteristics as can be prepared very quickly and economically. Almost all the Italian dishes are all focused on veggies, clathrate-carbon and amount of animal fat in food. In particular, the meal will become great when accompanied with a bottle of red wine.
Two Italian dishes are many people mentioning it’s pizza and pasta spaghetti. According to the Italian people, pizza means “round points”. This circular cake was born in the province of Naples, in southern Italy, in the 18th century. At first, the pizza was sold on the roadside shop and named pizzerie.
In addition, Italy is also famous for spaghetti-a type of noodles taste very aromatic noodle strands, characteristic. Pasta cooked just right and the sauce, mixed with spices. Have delicious spaghetti or not depends very much on sauce. The traditional sauce is cooked from beef, tomatoes, add parsley, cheese … should have a very special taste.
About the drink, Italy has two types of wine and coffee is famous. Italians generally drink wine during meals, especially for dinner. In particular, Italy has contributed to world cuisine culture drink a special extreme which is coffee.
Each type of coffee has taste. Espresso appeared in Italy in 1930. Espresso Coffee is simply brewed, black coffee are very bold, mainly drink with sugar, do not mix more milk. Also Cafe Latte and Cappuccino are drink with fresh milk. Cafe Latte is coffee milk, including breast milk mixed with Espresso. This was usually drinking coffee at breakfast. Cafe Latte is milk froth attachment.
The Cappuccino in the private sphere States than. Cappuccino is considered a characteristic of the Italian culinary culture. A cup of Cappuccino consists of three main parts: Espresso, hot milk and milk froth. When to drink Cappuccino, people enjoy are bitter taste of instant coffee with the sweetness of the chocolate and milk’s fat. In the cup of Cappuccino, the milk foam is very nice eye care. To add flavor to Cappuccino, people often lay up on the glass a little cocoa powder or cinnamon powder. Cup used to drink Cappuccino must be separated with a stone or ceramic tile. Cappuccino only delicious when hot drink. Currently, Cappuccino has become kind of famous drink in the world, is everyone’s favorite.

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