Namsan Tower, Seoul, South Korea – A Romantic Destination And Eternal Love Icons

Namsan Tower, Seoul, South Korea – A Romantic Destination And Eternal Love Icons
South Korea is one of the most impressive tourist destination, this place has a myriad of attractions, cultural diversity, outstanding cuisine and hospitable people.
If the opportunity came to Korea, you don’t leave the Tower Namsan – also known with a very romantic name – ‘ the Tower of Love ‘, an ideal destination when traveling to South Korea, is famous for the impressive love space, where this is considered the paradise of these young couples. Shimmering beauty on a night when standing watch the whole city from the tower or simply the same sat drinking coffee with the candlelit lover sprawl on top of rolling Namsan Tower.

Namsan Tower? History Of Namsan Tower 
Namsan Tower is located on top of Mount Namsan, the location right in the heart of the capital Seoul. Namsan tower was built as an Observatory and communication in 1969 with funding amounting to almost 2.5 million USD. From 1980 until today, the South Korean Government has officially open to tourists visiting the Tower Namsan and since then, the Tower of love this was too popular with those travelling to Seoul, nobody to Seoul without a visit to this romantic tower.
With an altitude of 237 metres, when climbing the Tower Namsan, you will have the opportunity to see the 360 degree panorama of the beauty of the capital Seoul. A shimmering backdrop and will appear right before your eyes. The most ideal time to visit Namsan Tower which is at sunset, when the Sun has just closing off, this city will gradually become brilliant with sparkling colorful lights.
For over 30 years with millions of visitors come to visit each year, the Tower has been repaired and redesigned. Then it was renamed the N Seoul Tower from December 2005 year. The N stands for the word “New” in English and means is NamSan tower now has a new look.
How To Get To The Tower Namsan?
From Itaewon subway station No. 6 journey, door no. 4. Then catch bus No. 03 – green “Namsan Tour”. Buses operate from 8:00 am -11h00 pm, each separated by about 10 minutes. 
From Chungmuro subway station captured the No. 3 and no. 4 trip, door number 2. Then catch bus number 02 (08h00 am – 0h00 the next morning every day, each separated by 5 minutes) or bus number 05 (07h30 am – 11h50 pm, each separated by 15 min) to the N Seoul Tower. 
Address: 105 Namsangongwon-Dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul
Opening hours and tickets visit the N Seoul Tower: 
Sunday-Thursday: 10h00 am – 11h00 pm. 
Friday-Saturday: 10h00 a.m. – 0h00 the next morning. 
The fare up visiting the Observatory is 9000 won (about 10 dollars).
Namsan Tower – The Romance And Love Eternal
The highlights of the Namsan Tower is the brilliant lights at night, the Observatory, scenic terraces and a few restaurants sell traditional dishes.

The amazing light shows every night
The Tower Namsan in Seoul really comes alive at night with a spectacular performance of more than 70 lights. They constantly change colors and textures create a wonderful spectacle makes tourists could not leave the eye. Depending on the time of travel to Korea you will see lamp color change by Namsan Tower each season.
Digital Observatory – panoramic view of Seoul where the best
However, there are many places to see sweeping the capital Seoul but digital Observatory on Namsan Tower is the best place to do it. Tourists will enjoy the lively city landscape at night with 360° Observatory. Also in this area also have LCD 32 videos tells the history of 600 years of South Korea. For these reasons on digital Observatory should always be a tourist visit to the most when visiting the Tower Namsan in Seoul.
Roof terrace: where the romance between the clouds
This is the place to make the Tower Namsan is famous for the “locks of love”. The roof terrace in the tower was made of wood with surrounding fences. The couple love each other often buy 2 locks and locked them together on the fence, symbolizes their eternal affection. Tourists will see thousands of locks with enough color, styling when to visit this place. The romantic visitors are keen to be the same people love coming here to the hook locks into the fence during a trip to South Korea.
Hancook restaurant: Korean cuisine
The restaurant is located on the first floor of Hancook Tower Namsan in Seoul. Tourists can see the city views while enjoying the traditional cuisine of Korea. The restaurant scene blend between ancient architecture with modern, giving visitors the feeling cozy but very classy. One of the popular choices in restaurant Hancook is buffet with over 30 different delicious dishes.
In addition, when visiting the Tower Namsan in Seoul, you are seeing many new and modern architecture, play a few interesting games and visiting the Museum Teddy bears.
Namsan Tower-N Seoul, tourists seemed to be lost in the romantic world of the double of love, a lover. Where can you have marked great moments for when traveling to South Korea and Seoul grace at the highest point of the central zone. Make a blanket after the trip, you will have an extremely exciting experience and the Tower Namsan has always been a hot destination for South Korea with beauty-soul as always want new-foot vacationers shifang.

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