Garden By The Bay – A Destination Not To Be Missed When Travelling To Singapore

Garden By The Bay – A Destination Not To Be Missed When Travelling To Singapore
Garden by the bay is “where Singaporeans can proud each time mentioning”, an artificial tree, Garden, is the unique architecture of Singapore, located right on the overall area of the Singapore’s most famous buildings such as the Marina bay, Statue of Merlion lion, DNA Helix bridge …
To the Garden by the bay you will be overwhelmed by the giant artificial trees more vibrant color at night, and many rare flower species are taken from many parts of the world, the large space of about 101 hectares, which makes visitors over more difficult during the visit. So, to enjoy fully the beauty of the Garden By The Bay the refer to the detailed instructions below will help you to easily explore this famous landmarks.
The appropriate time to explore the Garden by the Bay
So to the Garden by the Bay most beautiful moment? 
From 5 am to 2 am the next day is the period of time that you can wander in the garden on the Gulf. If you want to admire the species of exotic flowers, or exploring the natural world should be to the Garden by the Bay on the day. Visiting the Garden by the Bay on the day you are as lost in the green space, see plant collection with over 200 thousand species all over the world, the species of exotic flowers.
If you want to admire the beautiful lighting performances from the “super” should go to the Garden by the Bay at night. In the period from 19:45 and 20:45, in this place the threading of brilliant light on the melodic music of the giant trees. If you want to make both moments on recommended, to the Garden by the Bay in the afternoon to feel the moment great transfer of garden on the Gulf.

Opening time – buy the ticket at the Garden by the Bay

Opening times in the Garden by the Bay? 
Urban Flower Dome, Cloud Forest and OBCB Skyway open from kinder Park-9pm. Bay South Outdoor Gardens open from 5am to 2 am. To the pros for visiting Garden by the Bay you should go on at 4 pm, the time of discovery can from 1-4 hours, because the Garden area by the Bay is quite wide.
For the following area Flower Dome, Cloud Forest and Baysouth outdoor garden should go visit at Sun light. Between 4-6 p.m. When it’s dark, you take OBCB skype way enjoy Symphony and enjoy the magical combination between sound and light of Supertree Grove.
The second point is the beautiful shooting connects between the Marina bay and Garden by the Bay, this is the place where you can get both the Marina Bay and the giant artificial trees filled with the colors of the Garden by the Bay.
About the ticket price in the Garden by the Bay, according to the experience of visiting the Garden by the Bay you should not buy a ticket at the counter because the queues take more time, more tickets at the counter are always higher than those purchased on the internet.
The price of tickets bought at the counter: adults: 28SGD, children: 15SGD. (the ticket price includes: Cloud Forest and Flower Dome, for OCBC skyway does not sell on the net you are to take place, the 5SGD fare per person, may buy in front of OCBC skyway. for Baysouth Park outdoor garden (outside the Park) will be free of the ticket price.
Moving to the Garden by the Bay
To the Garden by the Bay? To move the most convenient, you should move with the MRT station, stop at the Bayfront or Marina Bay, then walk to the Garden by the Bay as instructed in all over the place near the MRT stations.
Under the guidance of sightseeing Garden by the Bay, when favorable to the Garden by the Bay you should buy tickets to electric vehicles to move to the Cloud Forest and Flower Dome. The tram fare is 2SGD per person per way, about the way you should walk to admire the beautiful scenery of the Garden by the Bay.
Garden by the Bay what discovery?
Top 10 famous attractions in the Garden by the Bay that is:
• Dragonfly & Kingfisher Lakes
• Sun Pavilion
• Far East Organization children’s Garden
• Supertree Grove
• Flower Dome
• The World of Plants
• East Garden
• Heritage Gardens
• Cloud Forest
• OCBC Skyway

Which Cloud forest and Flower Dome is two places tourists love the most.
South garden is 18 “super giant tree”, decorated with the flowers, tropical ferns. Highlights of the Super tree that is not able to receive rain water, can filter the air and solar energy and provide lighting for both parks. To the South can not ignore the roadway on non – OCB Skyway connected from “Super tree” to “super” other trees to admire views of the Gardens by the Bay and the Marina Bay.
Flower Dome: To visit the Flower Dome first of all you need to buy a ticket. To Flower you will admire the Dome in thousands of beautiful flowers of temperate country and features many trees such as olive oil, grass tree Australia tree, chewing off of Africa.
Cloud Forest: visiting the Garden by the Bay have? There are 35m high waterfall that pours down, and rhododendrons, white orchids are unique designs. In addition, you can admire the plants such as ferns, orchids, bromeliads flower …
On this, as the information guide, sightseeing experience Garden by the Bay. Hopefully, that can give you the necessary information and helpful when visiting the Garden by the Bay. Wish you have a good trip, interesting, convenient and painless.

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