Festivals in Italy

Festivals in Italy

Italy is the country that radiance. Italians celebrate Christmas and the new year by Royal page. Every year there are hundreds of festivals are held in almost all the towns in Italy. Celebrations, festivals and street parties parties are part of the life of the Italian people. There are many games and activities in the Festival as the cuisine, wine tasting, Jazz, football, all of which are the integral part of the Festival. Italy is also the host country to host a number of important international events such as film festivals, dance and art.

The Festival is bright and colorful in Italy takes place year round, attracting a significant amount of tourists. Even they are also deeply involved in a variety of colors of the carnival atmosphere. The Festival is a way to match the Italian culture.

– Holidays, public holidays

Christmas, new year and Easter holidays

6/1: Jesus On Epiphany

25/4: Liberation Day

1/5: International Labour

1/11: day of the Holy Cross

8/12: the day of purity (Lady Mari)

26/12: boxing day

– “Cold Easter” in Italy

For Christians, Easter is one of the most important holidays of the year along with on the Nativity (24-12). Easter usually occurs in March or April each year to commemorate the events of Jesus back to life after being crucified on the cross.

– Christmas

In Italy, the family huddled is what usually occurs, but family gatherings mean very special Christmas and Easter. The store was decorated with strings of lights, groups of “shepherds” playing the bagpipes, the peddling ludicrous roasted chestnuts sold fresh.

In the House, the family made the Nativity model thumbnail display in the place where the most solemn in the living room. The people dress in traditional costumes and scenery of Italy also brought the Italian looks than it is in Bethlehem, where Jesus was born. Whether poor families to lose anymore, this model can also be made from cheap materials such as paper, clay and stone.

Like many Western countries, the Italian people today usually celebrate Christmas by erecting a Christmas tree in the House. They also burned a firewood Noel called the ceppo every night and children traditionally receive gifts on Christmas and on January 6, the day of Epiphany. Once the gift Monday his first considered lenient Befana. Of course, the nice gift just for the kids, and the kid who just received the damage of coal and ash. 

Distant people always come back with the family on Christmas day. On Christmas, the Vigil family (sometimes the number can be up to 70-80 people) and attend a dinner banquet, to which the main dish is the fish, including eel is the most important dishes. (During the Christmas season, the fish market often display the street ever live eel barrel to entice customers).

During the party, the children sang Christmas songs and be adult applause of praise or reward money. After the party, both playing a classic game, similar to the game of bingo (a kind of silver). Finally, all attending mass at midnight.

The whole family again gathered the next day, after a ceremony, to eat Christmas luncheon, usually starts by melting dough dishes eaten with broth. Next, is the Turkey or Rooster castrated greasy, and the end is the traditional dessert of local. Italians love to eat Christmas panettone cake. Central characteristics panettone dishes made from raisins and fruits soaked in sugar, but each has a local way. Some are coated with Chocolate, others are roasted almonds.

Although the meal before Christmas and the Christmas lunch may be called the dinner banquets, but in the South, the Party on April 24 more solemn, in contrast with the North. Many families who Southern Christmas dinners with just a single fish. Others do about 8-9 but also the dishes my family do to 13 or 24.

– Unique Carnival in the ‘ city of love ‘ Venice

Once a year, the people of the city of Venice as well as Italian tourists the world over slave tingle again waiting for Carnival with extravagant masks, the costumes, the music and non-stop from the outside band across the path of the Winnetka. The start was held from the early years of the 13th century but a unique Festival in Italy is only really became famous and the 16th century scale. Takes place on the occasion of February every year, the Festival features in Italy this has help for the city of Venice became a famous tourist destination in Italy with the best moments of the bustle and hubbub.

Painting Venice Festival season will be defective if the absence of the local people to sell its wines Chianti. They dock on the main canal of the city and the young together sipping the Venice specialities await the sunrise. The Venice Carnival festivities this year will take place from 26 February to 8 March. You can buy yourself the masks and the costumes to hire themselves will also be artist into a renowned festival where this romantic land.

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