Discover The Unique Traits Of The Festival In Italy

Discover The Unique Traits Of The Festival In Italy

Visit the country, beautiful country with world famous ancient beauty, elegance, giving visitors a relaxed feeling to it. Not only the scenery is always attractive, the unique architecture, delicious dishes such as Pizzas or pastas in the country who would like to live and work in the Italian, there’s also the very special Festival always attracts more participants and its festivals :

Holy weird Snake – Festival in Italy every year

In early May in the village of Cocullo Italy back Holy Festival snake extremely exotic. The Festival is held in memory to the Dominican Saints, who saved many people from snake bites, and people here dubbed the Holy snakes.

During the Festival, you will find images of people holding the snake or leave them wrapped around his neck. This spectacle might seem scary and do not at least the visitors witnessed. However, for the people of the serpent Cocullo is very friendly. They are not poisonous snakes, before putting on the Festival was cut to fangs and nurtured carefully.

The most important ritual of the Festival is the procession of the statue of Saint Dominico was covered with snakes all over the village, through the valleys and the square. The people of Cocullo concept that the Holy procession Snakes all over town will help them increase immunity to snake venom bites throughout the upcoming year, to his Solid season next year. When the ceremony ended, the procession of people and you’ll be witnessing a Fireworks spectacular and brilliant.

The Festival will be the appropriate occasion to solid Scripture for those who want to explore the unique traditional culture at, however if someone is not comfortable with the solid advice for you is to witness the Festival from as far as in the square or on the balcony of the building. 

Orange – throwing Festival in Italy

Ivrea Carnival is one of the most famous traditional festival in support of the nation. The Festival takes place from February 2 to 5 February every year, unique and interesting, like a real battle. The entire forest Warrior battle all fighting engrossed. Their main weapon is the red ripe orange. This Orange throwing Festival to reproduce a true war in 1194, when her daughter, Violetta’s boss and standing up against a count of violent, leading to the revolt. The people of the region of Ivrea and the tourists in and out the country shape gumboot Festival participants a way to charm not just because of the atmosphere boisterous fun, but also because of historical significance.

During the Festival, the participants immerse in the red ripe orange flavor in thousands of wooden crates and the smell of red wine “Vin brulé” pungent pungent. People come together to monitor all san direction. The player can also ride on the Orange carpet have to Wade more than 20 cm thick when. 

The impression of the Festival becomes more and more edgy by an endless red hats everywhere. Violetta and the crowd long fresh red hat as a symbol of freedom. So, no Festival attendees were throwing oranges on people when Red Hat. However, they still could hardly escape from the Orange, though not being thrown directly. But to really participate in the Festival and live, players need to put caps and jump into a war zone. They could have played the role of the nobility, representatives for the violent guys sitting on the truck, clashed with locals as well as guests of the city from the middle ages. 

Just like with the real fight, this Orange throwing Festival also inevitable injury scene. Each Festival, up to hundreds of thousands of people flocked to hundreds and Ivrea wounded. However, this is not our war, not violence, which was the occasion that people can relieve stress, violence in the Palm to life more fun.

Regatta St. Ranieri in Pisa, Italy

Pisa, Italy hosts the St. Ranieri on annual 17/6. This is the operation expressed gratitude to the gods has wrapped and carrying cover for Pisa.

The St. Ranieri takes place on the River Arno. The riders will have to pass a distance of 1500 meters, with 4 different colored racing boat and to go through 4 districts of the city.

Each participating boat racing to be had 8 people rowing, in which a boat driver, and a paddle – this person will take charge of the victory at the end of the track.

The winning team will receive different bonus types, often the animals.
Someone get a Bulls had someone back is a sheep, a pig. However the loser also getting Rewards is a rooster or a goose. This Festival is derived from the XII century dispute between those who live under the water and on shore take place regularly.

The houses along the banks of the Arno River will change to match the boat race as well as what they believe is the God of Pisa on 16/06-before the race takes place on January 1. The buildings, bridges, and Rails along the banks of the river is lit by about 70,000 candles, large and small. While there are thousands of the buoy was thrown out across the river.

The candles are lit all over the rails and on the Windows of the House facing the River, on the highest roof and balcony have a fancy design. Thousands of people attended both felt astonished with the work of this Committee’s candle arrangements.

4 yachts are painted and decorated with 4 different colors. Each logo is characteristic of an event related to the history of the County of the city of Pisa.

The southern part of the city is Saint Martin County with white and red, with white color and Saint Anthony Green. The North is 2 white with Saint Mary’s County and Saint Francis County blue, white and yellow.

Sailing under the back can make drivers more effort and also takes more power quickly. At the bend, the race became increasingly fierce so the chances of winning will belong to the most skillful team. 

The victory belongs to the people of the main shock was rowing team flag named “paliotto”. Three “paliotto” be placed in 3 different places. Which has a blue flag, one is white and the last red flag. A pair of immature geese will be prizes for the hand paddle would get all 3 flag.

The win the flag originates from the history when the Italian sailors struggling to win the flag from the hands of the Navy troops in Turkey and it is kept in Pisa until the present day. 

Horse Racing Festival Palio – Italia

The city of Siena, Italy was the site of one of the impressive Festival and was waiting for the planet — racing Palio.

Starting from the year 1644, racing Palio is held every year on the 2/7 and 16/8 between the County of the city of Siena in honor of the Virgin. Both cities have all but 17 counties will have only 10 counties are participating in every day, 7 counties have yet to join the front and 3 lucky County will continue to join. Each participating County with a horse and a rider.

Take place in Piazza de Campo — the central square of Siena, the Palio will take you back to the middle ages in Europe with the Templars brought color costume shipping food and each county’s own logo, the horse does not win alone on the track full of dust and gravel stones. On the track, the Templars could be kicked out of the couch his horse, and the horse would target officials first would bring victory for the County. In other words, the real winner in the race is the horse. The Mission of the Templars is hang on horseback and make the other horse away from his horse.

Before the official race took place few days will take place 6 times to try racing road racing is familiar with horses and the crowd. Once the first race took place on the evening of select horses (usually on 29/06 or 13/08) and the last took place on the morning of the race. The testing also attracted the attention of many people.

Right from early morning, thousands of people have focused time Piazza to witness this one day. During the Festival, before the race, each district will have 17-18 people eat medieval costume shipping (less than with the non-participating County) parades around, and the final destination is around the square.

The race officially takes place at 7 pm or 7h30 pm — one of the most anticipated night of the inhabitants of the city of Siena. Only 3 laps around the square, in a very short time but it is the moments of tension, suspense, and finally broke in pleasure pours the victory.

When the race ends, the winners will some on street racing, horses and those that embrace the Templars their hero. Have happy tears rolling long on the face, covers the month of September to prepare for the happy moments are compensated worthy.

The prize for the winner is a flag with the name of the mother of the winner. But the greatest reward is probably the happiness and great honour for the whole County. The party, the parade throughout the city, singing, dancing in the extreme happiness took place several days later. 

Not only is their own big day the people of Siena, the Palio di Siena is still attracting a lot of visitors from all over the country as well as in the world. Who also look forward to a time in the lively atmosphere of one of the Festival’s most monumental and unique in the world.
Over here is some useful information about the Festival that you can participate in while traveling in Italy. Have a fun trip and many memories. Don’t forget to visit the page of our website.

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