Discover The Island Of Nami – The Romantic Paradise Of South Korea

Discover The Island Of Nami – The Romantic Paradise Of South Korea

The island of Nami is always the sights not to be missed while traveling to South Korea. Dubbed the Romantic paradise of South Korea, the island is full of poetic beauty and lyrical. A lot of visitors are captivated by the stunning natural setting on the island of Nami.
Nami island located in South Korea, in the Chuncheon, formed after the massive Cheongpyeong dam was built, with the distance from the capital of Seoul to the island is 63km. From Seoul can easily travel to the island by bus, train or Metro just take time over 1 hour. The island has a semicircle, from above looking down Nami like a boat leaves the spotlight on rivers. In the Centre of the island has a lush area is up to 260,000 m2.
The name of the island named General of Nami – having won in the 13th century but was guilty of slandering King Sejo reaction should have to die at the age of 28 years. But no one knew exactly where he was buried in the grave but have a pile of high quality stone ground, supposedly the tomb of General Nami.
The island of Nami South Korea very natural to be in favor with the fresh, cool climate year-round and picturesque scenery, very deep impression to visitors. Travel to the island of Nami is a great choice, by when on currency, the path with the trees brilliant gold leaves banks almond; snow covered white peaks when the next winter. The island also has a botanical garden, a Zoo, a lake and many attractions. Besides, at the center of the island there are the trees birch, chestnuts surround a large lawn.
One more interesting thing that visitors will see when visiting the island of Nami is all the wiring, cables are placed underground to bring natural beauty to the island. Cars also prohibits the circulation so you’ll have a quiet, peaceful, no engine noise, no smoke and dust when strolling around the island.

All four seasons of the island Nami are the beauty pageants, attracts numerous tourists in the world to explore. Special autumn and winter is the season of tourists to Nami. It is also the most beautiful season 2 in Nami, natural surroundings have a huge transformation. Where are the warm feelings of the two lovers in each weekend, and attracts the newlywed couple to honeymoon.

Spring Island of Nami
Together with the fresh, strained backs the vitality of the young pens, blue silky non all-natural scenery of Korea, Spring Island of Nami are immature green shirt bib of nature. The same gentle weather, cool and chilly winter’s remains.
Summer on the island of Nami
Summer is not the best season in four seasons with the island of Nami, nor is the season of the biggest guests. But at this point there’s still a lot of visitors came to Nami to feel the beauty of the brilliant Sun casts down the lush trees, a cool space between hot summers. Bike walk around the trees, sitting on the small boat, foreign travel between Lake. And join the game as attractive as the cable car, racer cano, …
Autumn on the island Nami
This is the most beautiful season in four seasons with the island of Nami and attracting huge amounts of tourists. With the temperature varies from 10 – 20 degrees Celsius, the weather is too great to take visitors comfortably visit, explore the island Nami má»™ngKhung natural poetry a massive transformation, the whole space is covered by red and yellow colors of the trees. The gold leaf filled extremely romantic. You can easily catch the tv movie being filmed on the island this fall. You can also dating the same person love under the great scenery, the same cycle under the leafy trees, sitting in the Center under the Park’s wooden chair range.
Winter on the island Nami
If you want to be perceived and relive the emotional heart, you get to Nami in the winter, this is a very nice time in four seasons the island Nami. All the setting are covered by snow white, painting nature as romantic tales.
Should travel the island Nami?
The island of Nami in Korean is one of the places where the most beautiful autumn scenery. Happy blazing gold Bank trees run straight this afternoon I was ideal shooting point, especially for couples in love. Autumn is also the time of the Korean tourist crowded, boisterous.
Besides, this island also carries various beauty into seasons left in the year. Winter scenery have u sad, xao basis because the white shirt bib pure. Come spring and summer, trees sprout growth should the island’s scenic loc becomes freshness, brilliant.

The means to visit the island of Nami in Korean
If you are in Seoul, then you can take the Metro to Mangwoo. Then catch the next train to Gapyeong Station. From here, you take the bus or taxi to the ferry Nami. 1 ferry trip fare on the island Nami about 10,000 Won.
If traveling from Busan or southern provinces of South Korea, then you can move onto the capital Seoul, and then follow the instructions on the. Or move to the city of Chuncheon and then take the Metro to Gapyeong Station. Then came the ferry tickets on the island. Nami
What to eat, what to play when visiting the island of Nami, South Korea
Not only take countless pictures of romance under the trees on banks island of Nami that tourists also joined a number of other games such as sliding cable car, canoe, surfing, Bungee Jumping, …
In addition to the famous cuisine of Korean food then you should enjoy chicken stir-fry cabbage, potatoes, carrot with Super spicy chili sauce. It is the most popular dish on the island of Nami.
Nami island – where the young romance, family loving, mounted the new married couple kept the happy memories. In cruise travel Korea, don’t forget lined the island Nami to the list of destination not to be missed.

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