Busan – A Destination Can Not Miss In Korean

Busan – A Destination Can Not Miss In Korean
Along with the capital Seoul and boisterous, bustling port city Busan is also an ideal tourist destination, attractions in Korea. Busan is famous for peaceful natural setting along with beautiful beaches, friendly people, hospitality. If you are planning to travel in Busan but don’t know the point of eating, sightseeing in Busan, we follow the article below.

Places of interest, famous tourist in Busan

Beomeosa Temple:

Located on the slopes of Mt. Geumjeongsan, Beomeosa was built by monk Ui Sang under King Munmu, Silla Dynasty. This is the ancient temple close to 1,300 years old and is where the archive a lot of valuable cultural assets. Besides, Beomeosa Temple also in lots of interesting things for you to discover the ruins of the three-story pagoda-like, Daeungjeon Hall … So this is also considered one of the great destination can not miss when the Busan tourist.
Opening hours: all days of the week from 8h30 am -5h30 pm
Gwangalli Sea:
Sights, tourist in Busan that anyone traveling Busan also must visit it is the beach of Gwangalli. Popular beach with fine white sand, and the water flow in the blue sea. Here in addition to the fun, sea bath you enjoy the delicious cuisine, traditional in Busan, Korea from seafood processing extremely attractive. Besides, there are giant Gwangan bridge attracted a lot of attention, attention of visitors by modern light system, with more than 100,000 different colors. Sure you will have to relentlessly surprised for that view.
Taejongdae Resort:
Taejongdae is a natural park and also the beautiful tourist attractions, famous in Busan attracted huge amount of visitors by beautiful natural landscapes with the majestic cliffs are trying to reach out to the sea.
Ticket price: adult – 1,500 won; Students – 1,000 won; Small children – 600 won.
Opening hours: all days of the week from 4h am – 10h pm.
The Sea Of Haeundae:
Is one of the most famous beach in South Korea not only attract visitors by natural scenery and water lines, which are attracted by the originality of the restaurant, the bar … sprouting all over the beach in order to serve your every need. Certainly when coming here you will not regret his decision.
Yonggungsa Temple:
The venue should you discover when to Busan that is Yonggungsa Temple, an ancient temple was built in 1376 stops from the Goryeo dynasty and is located in the North-East coast of Busan. With unique beauty, the combination between the heavens and the Earth image of trench, Buddhist and local beliefs, this place has become popular tourist attractions in Busan.
Opening hours: every day from 4h00 am – 7h pm.
Changseondong Meokja Golmok:
Considered delicious dining in Busan, when coming up with small alleys Golmok Meokja Changseondong you will be enjoying the dish to the curb, that incredibly tasty, interesting. Some dishes are very popular here are the side dish: Chungmu kimbab (a type of seaweed roll), bibimbab (mixed rice with Chili, vegetables and beef), pajeon (Korean pizza a kind) …
Busan Aquarium:
Located right on the Boardwalk on the beach Haneundae, Institute of Oceanography Busan Aquarium was viewed like a giant fish tank with nearly 35,000 species of creatures from the fish, reptiles to the marine algae … all the more special is that there are penguins, Otter piranha make Busan Aquarium again become more diverse and abundant. If you travel the Busan with his young children have, then make sure they will love this place.
Ticket price:
– Adults (over 19 years) – 19,000 won.
– Youth (13-18 years) – 17,000 won.
– Children (3-12 years) – 15,000 won.
Opening hours:
– Monday-Thursday: 10h am – 8h pm.
– Friday, Saturday, Sunday and holidays: 9h am – 10h pm.
Spa Hur Shim Chung:
Trip to Busan, South Korea in whole, perfect, then you come to Spa Hur Shim Chung though only once. This is Spa is the oldest building in South Korea, when coming here you will experience a lot of utility services such as strawberry milk bath, sauna, jacuzzi … and many other services are waiting for you to discover.
– Weekdays: 8,000 won.
– Sunday and public holidays: 10,000 won.
Opening hours: all days of the week from 5h30 am – 10h pm.

Delicious dishes, the most famous in Busan
Tue-chi-kuk-bap (pork Broth):
One of the delicious dishes, the most famous in Busan are the dishes that do Tue-chi-kuk-bap. Here is the delicious dishes made from simple ingredients but offer intriguing taste hard to reject from for the customers.
Ssiat Hoddeok:
On along the way, discover a land of this you will see there the Busan so many small stalls selling the little yellow cake, Ssiat cake that is Hoddeok. This dish is delicious  in Busan, South Korea a lot who love both local people and visitors. Ssiat gear Hoddeok are divided into two types of gear is empty and bowel to bowel cake specification. To empty bowels cake will taste delicious crispy, more attractive kind of intestine. However, to be able to explore Korean food perfectly, then you should try both types to be able to compare the taste of this cake together.
Jokbal Naengchae:
Naengchae Jokbal is popular street food, super delicious, a lot of people’s favorite in Busan. The dish is made from simple pork sausages with nails, soy sauce, ginger and garlic make up the flavor. When enjoy dishes are eaten with mustard sauce along with jellyfish make the dish more compelling part. Make sure after you enjoy Naengchae Jokbal once you will want to come back to enjoy the second.
What do buy presents when travel Busan, South Korea?
In Busan have lots of beautiful, attractive items you can buy presents for relatives and friends at home. However, for the experience of shopping in Busan you should buy these items in it as clothing, or the traditional furniture, antiques, electronics, silk, ceramics photo roll South Korea, Korean fabrics, honey, soaps, cosmetics, gift wrapping or fungus, Ganoderma ….
Tourism in Busan, South Korea it’s great isn’t it? Hopefully with the experience of Busan travel cheap, economical and fun on here will help you know how to travel well as self-sufficiency Busan knows the spots to eat, relax stay when the footsteps to the port city of Busan to you. Have a trip Busan, Korea fun and memorable.

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