10 Ways To Have A Memorable Trip In Rome, Italy

10 Ways To Have A Memorable Trip In Rome, Italy
Explore every corner of the city along a map while the headset is the classic love song, romance will make you have more unforgettable emotions on the Italian capital.
In addition to the famous landmarks in Rome like the Colosseum or the Spanish steps, you can turn the trip into a exciting discoveries just by simple things below.
1. Ride a bike around the city
The most popular means of transport in Rome’s subway and car. However, when coming to this city, you don’t miss the bike. With only 10 Euro, visitors can rent a bike and walk around the map once in 24 hours.
Rome’s streets relatively crowded but the car lane order. Bicycle traffic is private comfortable on any terrain, from the streets to the sidewalks or even cross the traffic lights without fear of the police blew whistles. In Rome, you do not need to send the car, just use the cord lock columns into logical anywhere on the sidewalk, does not affect the traffic is assured.
2. Eat pizza
One of these experiences can not miss when in Rome is the kind of pizza. With only about 7.5-9 Euro you have had the pizza. Other than Vietnam, pizza in Italy almost only one size with a diameter of about 30 cm for the person. The Roman Empire primarily cake is kind of thin, covered with delicious cheese.
3. Explore all commodities gelato
Gelato was dubbed the Italian specialties and in the top items are tasted when visiting the country. The price of a cinnamon snail with two tablespoons of gelato for about 2.5-3 Euro. Features of gelato is creamy, smooth texture and lightweight, gentle sweetness. Some common types you can consult include fruit with sweet and sour-sweet and sour flavors, apples, bananas, coconuts or tiramisu.

4. Toss the coin in the fountain Trevis
Rome there are many fountains and beautiful but the most famous are the Trevi, near the Via del Tritone. According to legend, if the coin toss into the water, your wish will come true. The standard grip is you have to toss the coin in your right hand and left shoulder through the dump when standing turned to the fountain.
An estimated 3,000 Euro coins be tossing down Trevi each day. With the amount of tourists, pretty appropriate to visit the fountain probably at night. This time the light becomes brilliant and sparkling.
5. Dining in a chic restaurant
Most of the with a population of travel, to save as many costs as possible. However, you should also try to set aside a budget account to discover the luxurious restaurant, cozy and classic in Rome, such as Sora Margherita. This is also where each welcomed Hollywood stars-Meryl Streep and restaurant photo hanging on the wall. Every meal, you may have to pay approximately 20-30 Euro.
6. Stores
With the faithful shopping, you don’t miss the opportunity to experience shopping in Via Condotti. It gathers a variety of renowned fashion brands in the world with a wide range of products, from clothing to Accessories. However, check the labels carefully before purchase if you just want the products to be manufactured in Europe.
7. Up the roof of the Vatican
The Vatican was considered the center of the Christian religion nearly 2,000 years of history. Now the Vatican is the smallest sovereign nation in the world and immersed in Rome, surrounded by the walls are hundreds of years old.
Entrance fee to visit the Vatican around mold 12 Euro a person but on the world travel (27/9), you get a free ticket. You should learn the history, architecture, as well as other documents related to the Holy See, while spruce prior to visiting. Outside the main door there is a small entrance leads onto the roof of the Tower, from where you can see the entire Vatican as Rome.

8. See the whole city from the rose garden
The rose garden is a public park located on the Aventine, one of the seven hills in Rome. The garden has an area of up to 10,000 m2, constructed in 1931 and planted more than 1,100 kinds of roses from around the world. It also is testing the new commissions for public and private gardens in Italy.
Many young couples often choose the rose garden to wedding photography, dating, or lazing on the reading of the green lawn. From this location, you can see almost the entire city and the roof of the Vatican.
9. Discover the key hole mystery
From the rose garden, go 500m further on the Aventine, visitors will come to the Malta Knights ‘ square (Piazza dei Cavalieri di Malta). Buildings built in 1765 by a famous Italian architect named Giovanni Battista Piranesi made.
This place has a garden of the order of Malta with the door always closed, just to small Keyhole openings. Anyone ever see the movie the summer holidays in Rome must still remember scene reporter guy leading Princess Anne to come and look through the hole in this course. The most attractive thing in the picture is the dome of the Church of Saint Peter (Vatican) hide out through lush gardens be trimmed carefully.
10. Select the appropriate music
One of the important factors contributing to help you gain more emotion when travel is the music. Series of tunes immortalized in Italy or the love song through the sweet voice of Andrea Bocelli will get you a new experience in the capital of the country is the world’s most romantic.
Wish you have a great experience in Rome. Don’t forget to visit my website to have more knowledge of the country of Italy.

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