10 Famous, Beautiful Places In The Capital Of Belgium

10 Famous, Beautiful Places In The Capital Of Belgium

Considered the heart of Europe, Brussels is where you should take the time to visit to get a chance to explore the stunning beauty of nature, the people in this place.

The following is the destination you should not miss when coming to the capital of Belgium. 

1. The Brussels Park

This is Europe in miniature by the campus of the Park have to 300 models, such as simulation of casting the famous attractions and most of the more than 10 countries in the European region.
With a total area of 250,000 square meters, the Park of Brussels focused pretty much historical achievements, cultural and artistic value should be preserved in the countries of the European Community, from the famous works of art, the Office building went into history as the headquarters of the European Commission , to the splendid Palace, the stately Temple, as can be the palatial, magnificent. There is also the Windmill gently, peaceful or tranquil monasteries reflect in the lake water. 

2. The Bourse building-A beautiful architecture 

The Bourse building (also known as the Brussels stock market building) was put on the list of attractions in Belgium to drop to. The building was Napoleon a decision built in 1801 as a center of the largest stock of Belgium; in 1868 the newly built and in 1873 then completed.
The Bourse building designed blend elements of two art trends Renaissance Front (Neo-Renaissance) and the Second Empire (Second Empire), with a rich, harmonious combination between painting, sculpture and decoration inside. The entire architecture and decoration works at the Bourse building was done by a team of renowned artists.
3. Atonium – unique icon associated with the Brussels-capital region 

Atonium was dubbed the “Eiffel Tower of Brussels”, is one of the destinations in Belgium and the very famous attractions. This is a public monument was built in 1958, to serve for the first international fair after the second world war took place in Brussels.
The work on the stadium is next to the King Baudouin Stadium in Heysel Park, 102m level with total weight about 2,400 tons. Atonium is composed by 9 globe icon for 9 atoms in the Crystal structure of iron elements. Visitors can walk through the stairs inside and take in sweeping panoramic view of the city of Brussels, through the window, put on the top of the globe. Atonium brilliant lights at night is also a nice picture to admire and photograph the power agreement.
4. Mini-Europe
Mini-Europe or call is Europe in miniature, is located near Atonium, is also a venue always made visitors enjoy.
It sets the symbol of many countries in the world with a smaller sized version about 25 compared with the reality. You can see the version of France’s Eiffel Tower, leaning tower of Pisa, and the Grand Palace of Brussels.

5. Palais de Justice-the famous tourist destination of Belgium

Palais de Justice has long been one of the tourism in Belgium-annual customers, welcome millions of weekly visitors from around the world come here to admire a wonderful work of art.
Ancient architecture and microscopes, Palais de Justice or Palace of Justice always makes people must seem overwhelmed by the Majesty of it. Like his function is Supreme Court of Brussels, Palais de Justice was built in 20 years, in good, can see the panorama of the city, with golden arches and columns.

6. The Magritte Museum-art world

Built in memory of the famous painter René Magritte, Magritte Museum is compared with the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam and the Zentrum Paul Klee in Berne, located right on the Royal square in Brussels. With an area of 2,500 m2, the Magritte Museum was built with modern techniques and the most environment-friendly world.
The exterior of the Museum is a giant curtain panels 21 meters high, 75 m wide pickup light source sufficient to supply the entire Museum. On the night, the entire source of illumination of the Museum due to the solar panels installed on the roof of the Museum provides.
7. Large square-cultural heritage of humanity 

Located in the heart of Brussels, a large square (Grand Place) has an area of 20,000 m2, built in the XI century and was rated as one of the most beautiful square in the world. This square has been inscribed on the list of cultural heritage of mankind and that was the great writer Victor Hugo Republic praised as “the most beautiful square in the world.”
This square is also in the top best preserved heritage of Europe by it fully heal when that Belgium was once the main battlefields of Europe. Can say Grand Place is creating difference between Belgium and other countries in the EU.

8. Beautiful architectural style and Art Nouveau

In the Belgian tourist should not be overlooked when you get a chance to step foot in here that is the stunning architecture, designed in Art Nouveau style.
Art Nouveau or art is one of the few outstanding creations born in around the end of the 19th century in Europe, especially in Belgium. Art trends as a revolution in style, by these works are designed according to a completely new thinking, an open style, with the overall structure and decorations are attention to detail sharp.
9. The bronze statue Manneken Pis reputation 

The statue of Manneken Pis or the boy pee standing is one of the very famous European tour and also carries the cultural significance similar to the little mermaid statue in Copenhagen. The Manneken Pis statue is a sculpture of small bronze fountain of cum about 60 cm, describing a naked boy urinating into the fountain’s water tank. The statue was designed and carved by rocks by François Duquesnoy in 1619 and in 1817 was replaced by a bronze statue.
There are many anecdotes about this boy, but the most famous is the story related to patriotism. The story tells that when Spanish troops withdrew from the city fire burned the City launched the Brusels, when it had a boys have dared stand up between the fire to do the “firemen”, extinguishing the fire by “urinating”, save the city from being burned. 

10. The Palace of Justice
This is one of the locations are quite a tourist favorite. The architecture of the Palace Justics always makes anyone who set foot in here for the first time to marvel at.
Have a trip in Brussels, Belgium’s real fun, safe and many memories.

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