Want To Tour The Island Of Jeju, South Korea – You Can Not Miss This Article

Want To Tour The Island Of Jeju, South Korea – You Can Not Miss This Article
Jeju Island certainly no stranger to the adherents of the Korean film, not noisy, crowded as in the capital Seoul, Jeju Island with stunningly fresh atmosphere flooded with sunshine and wind, are dubbed as the “paradise of love” became the attractive tourist destination of many tourists especially appropriate place to honeymoon sweet. 
Jeju Island is one of South Korea’s nine provinces, it is also a large and well-known island. With an area of 1.848 km2, a population of about 600,000 people.
This beautiful island capital Seoul as long as 434km to the South. Travel time takes about 1 hour by plane. Jeju International Airport has regular direct flights to cities such as Tokyo, Osaka, Beijing and Shanghai.
Let’s consult the travel experience Jeju Island Korea below if you intend to conquer the old men “love paradise”.

Should travel Jeju Island on time?
Jeju Island is the largest island and is located in the southernmost end of Korea, this place carries mild oceanic climate with the average temperature year round is always stable. The weather here is divided into two distinct seasons are summer and winter: summer (from May to 6-9) the background temperature from 20-28° C, and winter (from May to 12-3) the background heat from 3-10 degrees C). The hottest month, temperatures not exceeding 33 degrees Celsius, and in winter is not lower than 1 degree centigrade, depending on preferences, you can travel to jeju Island regardless of the time of year.
Widgets bring when traveling Jeju Island
You should bring your umbrella short easy rolling bearing to avoid when rain, snow or sunshine. Don’t forget to bring a warm jacket and hat.
To what degree?
South Korea currently exempt visa for visitors to travel the island Jeju.
The transport system, road construction on Jeju Island is very spacious and convenient. Both inside and outside the settlement, there is the wide path to 6 lanes, 3 lanes on each side. Also 2 smaller lanes and in the outback, the new mount is 1 lane per side.
Vehicles when travel Jeju Island
Bicycles: And a few on the coast of Jeju Island has a private path for bicycles. If you like the Romance like the tv series Korean celebrity, you can rent a bicycle to explore self across the island in 4.5 days. Remember to bring an umbrella or rain coat to avoid the rain suddenly.
Bus: bus system spanning across the island with the vehicle running on the road coast, buses stop at the word shed Jeju-si and Seogwipo, 20 minutes. However, there is one inconvenience is that the bus does not always go according to the way of travel or the sights can be difficult to make the tour.
Cars: because the sights and fun activities around the island should car rental is also a reasonable thing. Many street names in English and suitable rental price.
Taxi: a Taxi takes approximately 2000 or more Won for the first 2 km, a 15 km journey took about 10,000 Won. You can hire a taxi all day with 100,000 Won price includes the accommodation, but higher prices for drivers would know to use English.
Waterway: Ferry runs between Jeju-si and 4 cities in the peninsula, but it’s best to go by air
Aviation: Korean Air and Asiana Airlines have flights from Jeju airport to all major cities in South Korea. Jeju Air only works in 2006, has flights from Gimpo Airport and Jeju Island with soft prices than other airlines.
Eat Drink
Agricultural land on Jeju Island so it is often planted the grains such as millet, wheat, green beans, potatoes, sweet potatoes … Green vegetables, seaweed and soy are used as materials for cooking side dishes such as dips, sauces … and then the meat is mostly pork and chicken.
Famous dishes of this region is the abalone and tangerines. The old days often insurgent dishes Kings and still is popular dish of the region.
So when tourism in Jeju Island
Motels and hotels on the island of Jeju is very rich and diversified in terms of both quality and quantity.
You should hire the room close to the places that you want to avoid having to move away from just wasting your time and travel expenses. Currently, online booking services are growing strongly and are many visitors choose, however not always reputable website so you need to take note and learn carefully before booking to avoid the situation of “losing money, bring disabled”.

The Sights
There are many attractive destinations on the island of Jeju, you spoiled for discover and experience. Here are the exciting attractions on Jeju Island you should consult.
Love Park: only for those over 18 years of age, where the 140 statues bring sensitive subject about “sex”. The Park is open at 9 am.
Seongsan peak: (Sunrise peak) is a volcano located in the eastern end of the island, Jeju has a crater-shaped basins, surrounded by the sharp rocks. This is where tourists often come to watch the sunrise and enjoying the peaceful atmosphere
Cheonjlyon waterfall high22 m, width 12 m flows year round, white water. At the foot of the falls is a artificial lake depth 20 m.
The Olle: a series of wonderful walkways stretching along the South coast of the island and through the forests, meadows, villages to sea view.
Hallasan is the highest mountain in Korea (1950 m), however the volcano is not active. Hallasan is a UNESCO biosphere reserve with craters, lakes and high mountains.
Ethnic village Seongeup: is the seat of the clan Cheongeup, here you will learn about the cultural life of modern populations. Here, there are more than 3000 houses made from clay roofing tile, gorgeous.
Lava tube: is the lava system formed about 1000 to 3000 years ago, UNESS recognized as natural heritage. ManJang cave longer than 8 km you can walk about 1 km vằ explore the strange thing here.
Mr. Stone: most places on Jeju Island has he rocks, it’s the Stonecutter to repel invading enemies.
What gifts to buy when travelling Jeju Island?
Jeju is famous for spiritualism and the cam, you can buy as a gift about reishi, the price of a bottle of Ganoderma about 800 grams. Or buy Orange Orange chocolate candy, specialty and he rocks.

I hope that with the experiences on here will help you prepare yourself for the Korean tour save and enjoyable. Have a fun trip and many memories.

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