The Travel Experience Of Busan – South Korea

Busan, also known as Pusan, the largest port city of South Korea. With a population of about 4 million inhabitants, Busan is the second largest city in South Korea after Seoul. Administratively, Busan is known as a metropolitan area. If you are planning a trip to this beautiful port city, should not ignore the experience of Busan travel cheap and self-sufficient smoothly  

Should travel Busan in season? The most beautiful moment of Busan travel
The weather, the climate of Busan under the influence of the ocean, so year-round are wet, cool. The average temperature here varies from 15° C to 22° C and are also divided into 4 seasons, each season brings back the beauty for visitors so you can travel to Busan any time of the year:
•  Spring: From April to May, it’s time for the cherry blossom season, lavender, Chamomile contest each other racing bloom. In particular, in April there’s Cherry Blossom Festival, when coming here you not only see the beautiful blooming garden but also experience a lot of things incredibly interesting. Thus, the spring is also considered the most beautiful season should travel Busan, South Korea.
•  Summer: From June to September, the weather begins to heat, to early July, the monsoon home. If you like explore Busan and enjoy exotic atmosphere then please come here in the summer.
•  Autumn: The travel experience With Busa, South Korea fun, memorable, perhaps the autumn tourist season is the most beautiful of Busan. By the time from September to November, the climate in this cool, not too hot, intensely, including day and night. Moreover, when coming here you also see the autumn landscape with romantic red falling leaves streets under the roadways and the mountain ranges covering yellow extremely interesting.
•  Winter: The start time from December to March the following year, very dry and cold weather, but attract a lot of tourists come to visit. Busan travel in winter so what’s interesting? You’ll get firsthand look at snow and rain are viewed so many birds to migrate in Busan as well as being involved in many winter sports attractions.
How to travel to Busan
You can move by air, rail or waterway to Busan.
Road to Busan
With domestic flights, Korean Air or Asiana flights from Busan-Seoul, if going on holidays or weekends you should book in advance. Flights to Busan from Seoul are landing in Gimp, if you want to go abroad should catch the bus from Incheon International Airport to Gimpo. Cheap flights to go to Busan, South Korea the you should monitor the site of the airlines that have flights to Busan to hunt.
The waterway of Busan
There are two ferry near the immigration checkpoint. From the door you go Jungangdong number 12, in the container. To the international ferry to go straight and turn right through the immigration checkpoint, located 150 m away is the ferry. If want to go coastal ferry to take the ferry, you turn right, go forward 200 km along the coast to a large building on the left.
Trains to Busan
Most trains depart to the railroad station near the center of Busan, however there are also trains departing from Gupo. Busan KTX train to Seoul connections are cheap, spacious. If first-class fare is priced slightly higher.

Transport in Busan
The transportation system in Busan are quite rich so there are many vehicles for you to choose from. However, there are 3 vehicles are often options for are:
•  Subway & bus: If you want to save the cost of Busan travel recommend his choice on bus or subway as to navigate. By this means quite cheap but still go to the attractions in Busan. As for the bus, agitated price about 500-1,500 won, also the subway fare is 900 won.
•   Taxi: There are two main taxi in Busan that is widely used it is common for a taxi (gray) and luxury taxis (black).
– The reference Price for a taxi is usually about 2,200 won for the first 2 km. Luxury taxi left about 4,500 won for the first 3 km. If not carrying large amounts of cash, you can use an international credit card to pay for a taxi.
•  Car Rental self drive car to drive yourself: explore the sights, famous tourist in Busan is also an incredibly exciting experience. However, to be able to rent a car to drive itself, you need to have an international driving license is valid on 1 year validity passport, and required a minimum age of 21 new eligible to drive in Busan.
– Note: for the Busan tourist experience instructions safety when driving then you should pay attention to the speed of movement. If the move in the city you are only 60 km/h and maximum ride on the highways is 80-100 km/h in particular, if you are drunk, the driver is prohibited, because it would be very dangerous and you will be punished very badly.

The South Korean currency
The monetary unit of South Korea’s Won, including the 1000 won banknotes, 5000 won, 10,000 won, and the coins of 10, 50, 100 and 500 won. You should bring cash, because there are many small shops don’t pay by credit card. Banks in Busan to work from 9:30 am to 4h30 pm, automated teller machine shall operate 24h a day.
Hotels in Busan, where tourists Should Busan
Hotels in Busan have many categories for you to choose from the next budget, depending on the purpose as well as the financial capacity that you choose yourself the most suitable hotel.
Below, are some nice hotels, full facilities, beautiful views and have reasonable prices in Busan the you can reference and choose the most suitable hotel for yourself.
Cheap hotels, fully equipped in Busan: 
•  Samwonjang Motel – 58-1, Nampo-dong 5ga, Jung-gu, Jung-gu / KTX Busan Station, Busan – from $ 23 
•  Busan Jang Yeokwan – 11-19 , Dongkwang-dong, Jung-gu, Jung-gu / KTX Busan Station, Busan – from $ 25 
•  Grand Motel – 4F, Buhueng Building, 21,1Ga, Kwangbok-dong, Jung-gu, Jung-gu / KTX Busan Station – from $ 26 
Hotel medium, good service, nice rooms in Busan: 
•  Songdo Beach Goodstay Queens motel (Goodstay Queen Motel Seogu) – 11,82Bun-gil, Chungmudae-ro, Seogu, Jung-gu price rooms from $ 28 
•  K2 Motel – 870-26, Bumchun-dong, Soemyeon / Busanjin-gu, Busan room price from 29 
•  Hansung Motel – 12-9, Jungan-Daero 180 Bengil, Dong-gu, Jung-gu / Ga KTX Busan price from $ 30 room 
Upscale hotel, luxury, nice location and good service in Busan:
•  Pale De CZ Condo – 1124-2, Jung-dong, Haewundae-gu, Haeundae Beach / BEXCO, Busan – rates from $ 78 
•  Hotel Illua – 1509-2, Joong-dong, Haeundae Beach / BEXCO, Busan – Room Rates from $ 92 
•  Marine Residence – 1435-3, Woo-dong, Haeundae-gu (37, Marine City 3ro), Haeundae Beach / BEXCO, Busan – rates from $ 99
On this, as the tourist experience Busan, South Korea which I want to share with you. Hope, can provide you with useful information and needed in your trip more enjoyable. Have the Busan trip fun and memorable.

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